You Are Worthy, Because You Are You

As this column is falling into your hands, the marketing messages have ramped up as to how this is the happiest time of year, reminding us that we should buy this and that. This time of year is so much more complicated. Many of us are triggered by seeing family members we don’t see often, reminded of dreams that have yet to be realized, saddened by missing loved ones no longer with us, or anxious about any number of things. That’s not even taking into consideration the changes and losses we have endured by living through a pandemic. 

Our society has grown around a key message that, “you are not worthy unless…” I wanted to take this time to remind each of you that you are worthy because you are you, and not just because you kindly read my heartfelt column. No strings attached, and including all your good days and bad days. You are worthy. 

Knowing and rooting into your feeling of your own worthiness is so important. Why? Well, first it just feels better. Repeat after me, “I am worthy,” and really feel it in your body. Feels pretty good doesn’t it? Second, when you show up to any number of situations that may unfold in these next few months, and you know your own enoughness, you show up better. You juggle the questions, the looks, the conversations with more grace and ease. And maybe just maybe you don’t overdo it at the dessert or wine table. You may even choose not to show up at all to certain functions because you know it won’t set you up for success. 

But how do you begin to anchor in this sense of worthiness? By taking care of you. It’s always critical, but it’s extra crucial this time of year. I’ve found five simple practices that are non-negotiables in my life and keep me rooted in my inherent worth. I meditate daily, even if it’s only five minutes of centering, taking a few deep breaths, and putting a hand on my heart. I move my body daily with more intense exercises four times a week. I connect with friends that feed my soul. I eat food that nurtures me and ensures my body feels good. I practice gratitude daily. I know, it’s cliché. If you’ve read my earlier articles, you know that what you focus on grows. I’d love for each of us to have more to be grateful for. 

As you enter into this beautiful, celebratory, albeit tricky time of year, what’s one way you will root into your own worthiness, and empower you as you enter into a variety of situations?

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