Savor Your Spring

Nicole Beaudin

In last month’s column, I talked about the power of trusting in the magic of winter. But what happens after you practice diligent faith, allow stillness, and do all the hard work needed to get through winter? Yes, being still is hard, especially in a society wired to go go go. What if your spring actually arrives? The flowers begin to peek through the soil, the sun shines more warmly, and the air smells fresh with potential. What do you do then? How do you shift from doing everything in your power to survive to allowing yourself to thrive and soak up the warm rays?

Do you relish in all the goodness of it and feel pride for your persistence in arriving here? Or, do you disbelieve and wait impatiently for the other shoe to drop? Our inner saboteur can be very sneaky. If we’re not ready with mindset and mental wellness tools, it will do everything in its power to remind us we’re not worthy of this very thing we’ve been working hard to bring about in our lives. 

These are the very same questions I’ve been asking myself lately as after what feels like a long hibernation of inner work, major shifts are starting to happen in my outer world. My spring has arrived in certain areas of my life where I had once been in a deep dark winter, nearly losing faith that brighter days would be ahead. As you read this, my childhood home will officially be on the market, I’m continuing to build a relationship with the most amazing man, my health is improving in areas that have long plagued me, and I’m authentically building my network to empower many and launch that food business you’ve heard about from time to time. 

So what am I doing to stay present in these beautiful moments that I’ve been working towards for years? The most important and most annoying in its simplicity is to continue the habits that got me through winter. Habits like meditation, journaling, time outdoors, gratitude, weeding and pruning what no longer belongs, and reaching out to trusted friends. 

I also remind myself that I am worthy, and sometimes nudge a friend to remind me too. Anxiety about an unknown future is wasted energy, so don’t let it rob you of the present. Instead allow the joy that you are feeling in your moments of spring to fill your cup so full it carries you through whatever lies ahead. 

Trust yourself to handle anything and know deep down you deserve all of this goodness. If you need a reminder or are looking to add more tools to your toolkit, email me. Email Nicole Beaudin at

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