One Small Change

Nicole Beaudin

As you read this article you’re likely in as much disbelief as I am that it’s 2024. The end of 2019 feels like yesterday, yet the pandemic feels decades away and yet still very much here. Einstein had a hunch that time was not linear. Life has a funny way of proving him right. 

The best way to make the most of your time is to do whatever you can to be fully present in each moment, grow, learn, connect and live your best life. Those that commit to consistently doing this seem to own time, an act of courage woven with magic.

This January I’d like to present a challenge: What is one area of your life you’re really unhappy with? What is one small change you can make and commit to doing consistently for the rest of the year? The hardest part is trusting the process, but just as seconds add up to hours, habits add up to your life. 

I know I’ve written about the power of small changes before, and here I go again repeating myself. That’s because they are that powerful over a length of time. 

Humor me for a moment. Envision yourself in January of 2025. See yourself continuing on the same path unhappy and frustrated. Feel what that feels like, see it in full detail. What is the cost of not making any changes? What is the benefit of not making any changes?

Now see yourself happier than you’ve ever been in this area that has consistently frustrated you. Feel what that feels like, see it in full detail. What is the gift of making a scary change? What is the cost of taking these steps?

Ask yourself now what’s the one most important tiny step you can take in January to empower this happier than you’ve ever been you? Can you commit to taking this action weekly? Who do you need by your side to ensure you stay accountable?

If you don’t believe me, the science is unanimous. Small changes over time add up to a new trajectory. James Clear, a habit expert, often shows a visual of a plane going from Los Angeles to New York City. If that plane shifts its route by even 1% it will end in a completely different destination. 

The destination you end up in at the end of another year is completely up to you. Are you ready to commit to your most magical life, make the most of your time, and shine your brightest light out into the world?

I asked more questions than normal today. If you want any support in your quest to find your unique answers, send me an email 

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