One Minute To Feel Into A New Vision

Nicole Beaudin

Have you ever had the awareness that a way you’ve always been may not actually get you to where you want to go next in life? Yes, that way got you here, but if you continue to cling to that you’ll likely always be stuck and not get to your next desired destination. Sometimes you have to let go of the branch and let the current of life and your dreams take you. 

I’ve made a lot of big changes these last few years, and yes, a few of those changes were made for me. I’m proud of the parts of me I’ve let go and what this has opened up in my life. But there are still a few areas where I can’t seem to get the momentum I’m seeking and working towards. 

How do you create the sense of safety to let go of the branch in order to head further down the river? I was reminded, while listening to a podcast with Dr. Joe Dispenza a few days ago, that the best way to begin the leap from where you are now to where you want to be is through daily visioning. It is an important first step that I’ve talked about before, and will likely talk about again, but I had forgotten it in these more frustrating areas of my life. 

One of the coolest features of our brains and bodies is that they don’t know the difference between real and imagined. What does this mean? If you’re frustrated in an area of your life, if you keep focusing on what’s going wrong, your brain and body will think that’s the only way and bring more of that in. I’m not trying to make light of how hard the situation may be, but stewing and sitting in it also isn’t going to make the changes you deserve. 

However, if you take time, even a minute a day, to feel into what you want and vision all the aspects of it, your brain and body will see solutions they hadn’t before and work to make that real. 

Think of an area of your life you’re ready to see positive momentum in, but have just been feeling stuck for a long time now. What would it feel and look like in your ideal scenario? See as many details as possible. Feel the joy, the lightness, the pride, the power, the health, the abundance that comes with this dream being made real by you. 

Can you schedule a minute every day to replay this vision and those feelings to yourself? Try it out for the next 30 days and let me know how it goes. I promise to do the same. 

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