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Nicole Beaudin

I was blessed to live my early years without a lot of technology. We ran amok in the neighborhood without cell phones, an antenna brought local stations to our television, the library was the best Google machine, and we were always surprised to find out who was on the other line when we answered the phone that was attached to the wall. 

Recently, I was reminded how important it is to embrace the analog. Matt has been challenging me, in the most loving way, to really get Good Intentions Food going. We decided the next best step is for me to form an LLC and then find a certified kitchen to rent. My stomach lurched, a sign it’s time. As a more spiritual entrepreneur, I had to let Mercury Retrograde complete its cycle. I want as much in my favor from the start, a food business will be enough heavy lifting as it is! The first Monday post-Retrograde I marked to get all the paperwork in to form the LLC.

My eyes swirled as I researched on Google. Thank goodness it wasn’t the library, but maybe if it was, the librarian would’ve been by my side at every step. There was so much information to take in, and I was barely getting started. 

On an intuitive nudge I googled my local chamber of commerce. They were open! I picked up the phone, and a human answered. I was so shocked I thought it was a recording so paused in awkward silence until he repeated himself. 

The man on the other end of the line couldn’t have been a more perfect person for me to connect to. Not only does the chamber of commerce provide all sorts of support and mentorship, but he lives down the street from Matt and I, is an avid gardener and canner, a golden retriever dog dad, loves the idea of a Bloody Mary mix, and knows local businesses that could rent me their certified kitchen.

One phone call and the weight of starting a business lightened as someone else with decades of knowledge and connections held a bit of it for me. 

So this big lesson for me has inspired me to ask the following questions. If something is harder or more confusing than you were ready for, what if you picked up the phone, knocked on a door, or walked into an office building? Where are you making life and tasks harder by over-indexing on digital?

No one taught us how to juggle all of this. Technology has brought much opportunity and connection, but it’s important to weave the old with the new. Will you make the call? Let me know.

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