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By Kara Swanson

It’s nowhere close to Thanksgiving yet, but I thought it might be a good time to stop and reflect on our city and the progress that has, and continues to, occur. I had a brief hiatus from city council and am now back in full force (and attendance). During the three months that I was away, I sat back and looked at how much change has occurred since we moved to Edgewater in 2007.

While recognizing the BIG: Civic Center and 20th and Depew; let’s not forget the small(er): police promotions, redevelopment of 25th buildings, Gold Crown Foundation, youth programs, and some really great city staff.

Our police department continues to grow, adding some great people to our already talented group of officers. Seven officers were recently promoted, including Mark Hamilton and Scott Fowle from Sergeant to Commander; Nate Geerdes and Jason Forsythe from Corporal to Sergeant; and Brandon Challis, Erik Young, Randy Palmer, and Robert Brink from Patrol to Corporal.

The city received some thoughtful and thorough proposals for the redevelopment of the city buildings at 25th and Gray, which will need to not only fit into the character of the city, but also provide a gathering space for residents. We will be able to share more information on this exciting redevelopment at the July 19 council meeting.

The Gold Crown Foundation moved into the Heritage Center building at 25th and Chase and opened its doors to local school children in early 2018. The facility provides before- and after-school enrichment for nearby students, ages 10 to 18. This is a huge asset to have in our community, for kids that both live in or attend school in Edgewater. While visiting the facility, I watched some kids work on computer-aided animation – humbling to say the least!

My children have enrolled again in summer sports with the city – my 5-year-old son is thrilled to start T-ball and having sports so close to home is something we love. Thanks to our own Dan Maples for making organized children’s sports part of Edgewater’s programming when he came to the city nine years ago!

We’ve all heard the new Civic Center is coming this fall, and if you haven’t had a chance to drive by and see the progress on the building, please do so! After seeing renderings of the library at the last council meeting, I have no doubt we’ll be spending long weekend afternoons there. With 20th and Depew undergoing a PUD hearing at the July council meeting, it’s shaping up to be a busy autumn with development.

We have a lot to be thankful for in Edgewater; council will continue to engage with the public and continue progress in the city while maintaining the charm and character that makes Edgewater unique.

Contact Edgewater City Councilwoman Kara Swanson at or 303-378-9237.