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Greetings Edgewater! September brings not only cooler weather but also National Preparedness Month, a time to review your family’s plan in case a disaster or emergency should occur. I took stock of what the city has done to prepare, and can report that the City of Edgewater and the Edgewater Police Department are well prepared for a potential disaster, thanks to the quality of regionalized partnerships we share with neighboring agencies. 

The city has also taken several steps to reduce risks, including:

• Participating in the creation of the 2021 Jefferson County Hazard Mitigation Plan 

• Installing additional storm drains as part of the Walkability project to reduce flooding

• Partnering with the Mile High Flood District to identify and create water detention areas

• Upgrading computer firewalls and security systems at City Hall to reduce chances of cyberattacks

While the city and county look at hazards from a larger perspective, it is important for residents to also be prepared. One great resource to start this process is On this site, you can find low- and no-cost preparedness tips like:

• Sign up for emergency alerts at to receive emergency notices via text, email or voicemail. Residents who previously subscribed to CodeRed have been transferred to the new system.

• Build your emergency supply kit over time. Start with items you may already have in your home, like a flashlight, extra batteries, copies of important documents, water and nonperishable food. Community food banks are a potential resource for food-insecure families to stock their emergency supply kits. 

• Make sure you store important phone numbers somewhere besides your cell phone.

• Store important documents and items like passports, birth certificates, maps and electronics in a flood-safe place like a high shelf or upper floor in resealable watertight plastic bags. Store important documents like insurance policies digitally.

In addition, residents are encouraged to be prepared for a cyberattack. This can be anything from identity theft or unauthorized access of personal devices, to financial theft or inability to access your accounts – and more.  Visit for helpful tips specific to cybersecurity.

Our ability to recover quickly from disasters can be enhanced by creating a resilient community. This means taking steps now to prepare so that when disaster strikes, you have a plan and essential supplies. This not only gives peace of mind but reduces the burden on emergency services so they can concentrate on getting help to those who need it.

Contact Edgewater Mayor John Beltrone at or 720-643-6077.

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