Get Curious

Nicole Beaudin

Today you’ll find me curious about pretty much anything: my inner dialog, my procrastination, my dog’s behavior, my habits, my intuitive nudges and physical feelings, my judgments, any human I encounter and much more.

I wasn’t always this way. I tended to be a bit of a know-it-all. It was a persona I needed to play to feel safe and loved as my parents often gave me attention for having the answers. I’m also guessing it stemmed from being highly sensitive and a tuned-in child who really didn’t understand what was going on with everything I was sensing. 

Learning Reiki with a teacher who believed we are never masters, but instead always learning, started my journey in getting more curious with what I was sensing, the world around me and myself. 

Then a few years later I took a class by a world renowned psychic on how to harness your intuition. I know it probably seems a little hokey to some and perfectly normal to others, but life has taught me that we all have our own unique magic inside us and that God sends winks our way everyday. So why not study how to better interpret these gifts?

My greatest lesson from this course was something I didn’t expect. She told us the best way to get to know our inner voice, that still small voice, was to first create space to hear it and second to get curious with it, to ask clarifying questions. 

I’d been working for years to create small pockets of space to tune into my inner voice and check in with my body. I instantly recognized the importance of this step. I had learned how to get curious with the energy I interpreted during Reiki sessions, and I’m great at asking coaching clients all those hard yet powerful questions that create big unlocks and shifts. 

The idea of asking my intuition, clarifying questions and waiting patiently for some sort of answer felt a little scary, strange, and straight from one of those movies. But in spite of all those judgments I pressed on. 

Getting curious has not only deepened my self-awareness, my connection to my intuition and to the magic of the universe, but it’s also enhanced my understanding of this language and opened up my life in miraculous ways. When I’m curious with my procrastination rather than beating myself up, I learn to trust my timing and need to ready my nervous system. Then, like magic, that procrastination is gone.

Like a cold case investigator with fresh eyes, how can you get a bit more curious with you. I’d love to help

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