Community Superintendent Retires

Brenda Carlson

My heart is full as I write to you for the final time as your community superintendent. I head into retirement with immense pride. Each year I see the joy of our graduating students and their loved ones at the Wheat Ridge High School graduation. Every student who walks across that stage is a success story thanks to our combined efforts. It takes a Pre-K through 12 team to make it happen. A special thank you to all of the area leaders in the Wheat Ridge Articulation Area.

I also served as the principal at Prospect Valley for five years. I loved my time being a principal in Wheat Ridge and the amazing parents and supportive community have been second to none. I cannot put into words how wonderful and amazing it was to me to get to hand students that I know well, including my own children, their diplomas. 

I grew up in Edgewater and attended Lumberg Elementary kindergarten through sixth grade and I had the privilege to become the principal there after I left Prospect Valley. I loved the diversity and the dual language option at Lumberg. I learned right along with the students! I have had such an amazing career. I am leaving with 41 years of experience in education.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, but this is the right choice for me now. I have two pretty amazing grandkids that live in Casper, Wyo. Grandma will be making many road trips to see them. So thank you to everyone who has been a part of my career. I have made so many amazing friends and memories. I have had some ridiculously fun times, it almost felt like I shouldn’t be getting paid for the work I am doing. I have met some seriously cool people and worked on some great projects. I would like to thank Guy Nahmiach for being such a strong advocate of my work and Jeffco schools. It has been such a pleasure. Please continue to support our schools and our wonderful kids, it’s why we’re here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Here’s what people say about Carlson:

“Brenda Carlson is an icon for advocacy, will be missed at Jeffco Public Schools. Ms. Carlson started her career in Jeffco as a principal and has served as Community Superintendent for the last 13 years. So much will be missed about Brenda, from her fierce advocacy for students to her dedication in supporting principals build strong thriving schools in the Wheat Ridge and Golden articulation areas.”
–TJ McManus, Stevens Elementary Principal 

“Brenda was instrumental in Prospect Valley getting a new building. She worked on the Vision Project, bringing community leaders and families together to define and shape our schools and classrooms. She worked on the Jeffco Education Bond initiative that raised 578 million dollars for our schools. Brenda was a mentor to many principals. A staunch defender and advocate for teachers and public education. Direct, honest and not afraid to ruffle feathers. Brenda Carlson was a community leader you don’t meet every day. We thank you for your hard work Brenda. Your dedication to the needs and success of every student. Best wishes in your new chapter.”
–Guy Nahmiach, Publisher, Neighborhood Gazette

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