Coaching Is… Listening Deeply

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Nicole Beaudin

As some of you may know, I am a certified life empowerment coach. It’s recently been brought to my attention that a lot of people don’t really know what this whole life coach thing even means. So I thought I’d spend the next few columns defining the key traits of a coach and providing tips on how to bring more of that into your daily life, coach or not.

A coach is someone who listens deeply. Not only do I listen deeply, but I listen without judgment, to what is said and unsaid, to facial expressions and changes in posture, to the energy, and to the words behind the words. When was the last time you felt truly heard? When was the last time you listened to you?

When my life seemingly veered off course last year with my corporate career ending and my dad’s passing, I knew, with every cell in my being, it was actually a course correction aligning me with my soul’s highest and best path. How did I know this? By listening more deeply to that small still voice within me. Each and every one of us has that inner voice, that inner knowing. It’s just been buried over time and with societal pressures.

As a coach, I not only listen to you, but I empower you to hear that voice again. That voice that helps you navigate ups and downs with grace. That voice that leads you down a heart-led path, although winding and sometimes scary, it fills your cup with overflowing goodness. That voice that Oprah talks about. That voice that when you stop for a moment, you know it’s been there all along, ready for you to hear it again.

There is a magical alchemy that I see in my clients when they feel heard. Miracles start to happen in their life, and most importantly, they begin to listen to themselves. In doing so, they open themselves up to solutions that were previously hidden. They ripple out this way to happy. People who feel heard listen. Humans that listen to others and that small still voice within, empower their friends, families and communities to do so and nurture thriving lives.

One of the best tools I use as a coach to enhance my listening is to give myself the time to truly absorb what the other person is saying. Then, instead of jumping to give a solution, I turn it into a question instead. I use this on my own inner dialog, too. Is there someone in your life you know you can hear more fully? Practice giving yourself time and asking questions before providing answers.

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