City Hall Listening Sessions

John Beltrone, Edgewater Mayor

As the warm weather continues, and the limitations on meeting face to face lessen, the city council and myself are interested in providing additional opportunities to engage with the Edgewater community. As your governing body, we are very interested in hearing from the residents and one of our focus areas this year is to provide additional opportunities for this. We understand that city council meetings may not be the best for residents to attend and voice their opinions, ideas or issues, so we have decided to schedule City Hall Listening Sessions each quarter. 

For 2022, we have selected a few topics to focus on per quarter. We would like to host these meetings out in the community and will update the dates and locations as they are available. These public meetings will include the mayor, city council, staff and welcome anyone in the community to join in. The topics listed will have a short presentation by city staff to establish some baseline understanding of the history, current policies, and any perceived barriers that may exist. Following the background information community members will be asked to comment and discuss what they are seeing in Edgewater within the topic and ideas they may have to improve or change. These sessions are really about listening to the community with the intent to grow and align with the desires of the community. 

Below is a brief list of the 2022 City Hall Listening Sessions. As the session months get closer a date, time and location will be selected and announced via and the Town Cryer – sign up on 

• 1st quarter: Police Chief Public Meet & Greet (was held March 23)

• 2nd quarter: Code Enforcement, June

• 3rd quarter: Building and Development, September 

• 4th quarter: Public Safety, November

If you have topics that you would like to be discussed, please let either myself or any city council person know. We are trying to select topics that we hear about from multiple sources as we feel this is a better opportunity for great community participation. 

We are also expecting a number of other outreach activities throughout 2022, including the Community Survey and our Comprehensive Plan process later this year. Outside of any of these opportunities, I implore you to feel free to reach out to staff, or any elected official with any issue, concern, idea or compliment.

Contact Edgewater mayor John Beltrone at or 720-643-6077.

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