Zach’s Got Your Back

Zachary Urban of the Wheat Ridge City Council

We at the Neighborhood Gazette often hear from readers asking for help. They are confused or upset in their dealings with neighbors, businesses, contractors or the city. What they want is someone who can sort out what is going on and provide answers – a problem solver, mediator or urban investigator.

Zach Urban will finish his final term as District 2 city councilor in November, but that won’t be the end of his service to the community. He’ll be writing a monthly column addressing reader questions and concerns about city permits, building codes, how proposed development affects your neighborhood, and maybe even advice on growing world-class pumpkins.

Just reach out to Zach and he’ll contact you. But we don’t have a name for his column yet, and we would love to hear your ideas: send them to

One thing we do know for sure: Zach’s got your back!

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