WRHS Soccer Uses Technology To Up Its Game

Well, it’s that time of year once again: class is officially back in session. For many families, this means the yearly ritual of stocking up on enough pens and paper to last them through an apocalypse (or, in this case, a global pandemic). After all, having the proper supplies is vital to ensuring your student can not only academically perform to the best of their abilities, but also to make sure that all their hard work is recorded. Of course, your student’s math test isn’t being documented for the family scrapbook; it’s to help them get into the college of their choice. Whether it’s for a big full-ride scholarship, or just to show that they’ve got the smarts and work ethic to deserve a spot at a top college, we meticulously record the academic performance of our students to help get them into the college that’s right for them.

But what if a student’s true talent lies not on a multiplication table, but on the soccer pitch?

In a country where “affordable” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when thinking about college, academic scholarships are a common route to take when it comes to financial aid. The premise is simple: you perform well academically, and an institution will grant you some amount of funding for your college career. This isn’t exclusive to the math-wiz kids, either, as scholarships awarded based on artistic merit are commonplace as well.

When it comes to standing out, however, the student athlete can often have it the hardest. That’s why Wheat Ridge High School is implementing a new player-tracking technology this season. This technology, named TRACE, offers in-depth analysis of each game by tracking in real time the position of each player. After the game, each player will have a profile containing performance metrics and highlight reels. These profiles can be sent directly to colleges in order to increase their chances of landing that all-important scholarship. Local real-estate broker Guy Nahmiach with Keller Williams has stepped up to sponsor the $2,800 program.

“We are excited to announce that WRHS is introducing a new player/team development program,” says Cara Jakab, president of the booster club. “We’re a huge believer in TRACE. It’s going to be a tremendous tool to use in helping to develop our players individually and help to create more team cohesion on and off the pitch. “Under the awesome guidance of Coach Nate and his staff this tool will help them to provide amazing game reel review sessions with the team and equip individual players with moments that can even be used to submit to college soccer coaches and recruiters. “We want to see our boys have every chance to succeed and go to college and even play college soccer if that’s their dream… and this will help them.”

Just as that shiny new pair of cleats can give you an edge in a soccer match, the TRACE program looks to give our students a new advantage in their college applications.

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