WR Chamber and the Neighborhood Gazette Partner to Promote Business Owners

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Starting in the new year the Wheat Ridge Chamber of Commerce and the Neighborhood Gazette will be hosting Monday mornings (9 a.m.) for solo business owners and remote workers who want to meet for coffee at the Chamber’s office, 7230 W. 38th Ave., in Wheat Ridge.

We will be sharing best practices, common challenges and exchanging ideas and opportunities. Who else could understand the life of a solo business owner but another who leads the same life?

Last year in Wheat Ridge, there were 300 business licenses pulled where the address of the business was the same as the owner’s home – these are people working out of their homes. There are also a countless number of remote workers who call Wheat Ridge “home” but report to or work for corporations outside of Colorado and even the USA. 

Section 26.613 of the city’s zoning code allows certain categories of businesses to be set up at home, including sale of hair-care products, component parts or accessories used in electronics, small appliances, bicycles, farming equipment and massage therapists (one per home). But it does not allow for mechanical, body shops or parking of cars, animal hospitals, taxidermy services and a few others. You can look up the code on the city website or call the amazing Megan at the Licensing Department. 

These lone business operators usually can be seen in local coffee shops like Stylus and Crate, Starbucks or even Clancy’s, and sometimes even a work-sharing space when available. But for the most part, they work in their homes alone, tempted by the fridge, the TV and – more importantly – away from any kind of meaningful interaction with other people. They are forced to either buy business-related supplies in small quantities at high prices, not be able to afford professional assistance and maybe even have low motivation to get out of their pajamas. 

Imagine meeting like-minded professionals living their dreams of being an entrepreneur, working for themselves, but also wishing they had someone to share ideas and vent frustrations with. The Chamber of Commerce and the City of Wheat Ridge offer many programs, grants and resources for business owners. The Gazette will be highlighting some businesses and promoting the single owner and remote working community.

I imagine an electrician, plumber and a carpenter sharing rent on a storefront on 38th. All are businesses that complement each other and can share an office person to help with accounting or answer the phones, and maybe even a social media wiz. There are so many business owners out there that would love to meet others and explore potential partnerships.

Join us Mondays at the Chamber office right here in Wheat Ridge every Monday morning at 9 a.m. This is of course open to businesses in Edgewater and Mountain View as well. 

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