Whose Choice Is It Anyways?

Neighborhood Gazette Publisher Guy Nahmiach

The waste collection company we currently use just sent us a note that as of July, they will only pick up garbage in their branded trash cans and will no longer pick up garbage bags that are not inside their trash cans. This replaces the six-bag allowance we had up to now. We compost and recycle but sometimes you just have garbage after a weekend of entertaining.

Here is the good news though: I can go out tomorrow and shop around for a new vendor that will accommodate my needs and not force me to buy a new trash can. Just imagine if we had been forced to have an exclusive contract with one provider. Exclusivity will always breed bad service.

We enjoy the many options we have in this town, for food and entertainment, health providers, automotive repair and so much more. All dedicated people that work hard to earn and keep our business. Because if they don’t, we simply go elsewhere. We can all argue who’s the best. But we all appreciate having that choice of who we want to work with. In fact, some of us even make it personal by calling the business by the owner’s name. Gary or Tom? Joe, Eugene, Bud or Jeff. Many will recognize those names and hopefully smile.

I have a new favorite name in town: Tamera. This past weekend I attended the soft opening of Wolf & Wildflower. A new restaurant/wine bar in the same location where Audacity used to be. Tamera is one of the new owners and was there to host our group. Great wine and a fun atmosphere. A menu on every table and smiles all around. It’s definitely going to be a regular place for me.

Ridgefest was also a huge success. Congrats to everyone that worked on this event. I heard “best ever” from many. It was in competition with the ever-fun Highlands Street Fair, Art on the Farm and a few other celebrations. But once again, so many events allowing people to choose where they wanted to spend that perfect sunny Saturday afternoon. Of course I’m inviting everyone to join me for Blues N BBQ in Edgewater on Saturday, July 15.

Lastly, you might have felt this issue to be thicker, bigger and maybe even heavier. We grew by four pages! I realize you all have choices as to where to get your news from about our little town. But we know that 72 percent of you choose to get your news and information from this paper and I am just so thankful for the support of our readers, advertisers and our team that works so hard to get every wonderful issue out to your mailboxes, restaurants, coffee shops, rec centers, etc. As always, thanks so much for reading.

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