Who’s On Your A-List?

Guy Nahmiach

Let’s make 2024 the year we identify our true friends and build on that list. Take stock of who’s around you. That is my New Year’s resolution. 

I have more than 2000 contacts on my phone and yet don’t stay in touch with nearly as many as I’d like to. 

Your sphere is made of friends, family members and acquaintances. People you work with. Business owners, teachers and elected officials. Community members and even long distance relations you have met over the years. Feeding your sphere is simply a method of staying in touch with everyone. It could be a call, text or email. Maybe even an actual handwritten letter or postcard. I think back to when my parents would get on the phone every Sunday with friends and relatives. Of course these would be quick timed conversations, but “discounted Sundays” were always dedicated to “catching up.”

You can also say hello or pop in for a meal or a glass of wine with local shop owners like Jeff, Liz and Aaron at Clancy’s or Joe at Pietra’s. Sarah and Tamara at Wolf + Wildflower, Russell and Sam at Art Centric or Tadd at Stylus and Crate. Expanding your sphere can be fun by simply attending city council meetings and saying hello to your representatives.  And of course you might even meet LocalWorks; fabulous Paige Piper at one of the city events. 

The phone we have in our hands these days is more powerful than the computer that sent the first rocket to space. Imagine the pictures, videos and so much more than you can share with your sphere. 

Now social media like Facebook or instagram is very useful for mass connections and just finding out what others have been up to. But be careful what you wish for, it can be very unpredictable. 

Imagine discovering friends that wished your family’s death and for your country to be destroyed. A shock for sure, But why harp on that when it’s easier to simply be aware of those that you’ve made real contact with. Those that have your back. It’s easy to list the negative incidents and accidents in 2023. This past year certainly has not been smooth sailing for me but I’m focused on all the new relationships I’ve created, the friendships I’ve re ignited and made sure the ones I spend my days with are feeling appreciated. 

I’m not talking about ignoring some of the horrific, unfair, illegal and just plain mean things that have happened. But I remain thankful for the ones around us that we come home to every day. People that have our backs and are there for us in time of need. It’s a much better way to end the day, the week, the months and certainly our year.  

Give it a try and let me know how it goes… Happy New year Friends. 

As always, thanks for reading.

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