Who’s Got the Best Chinese Food in the Area?

In the past couple of months we’ve gone into the community and held surveys and polls about our readers’ preferences when it came to particular foods. We first asked “who’s got the best pizza in town?” Pietro’s was victorious by a landslide with Jet’s a distant second. 

Last month we asked about the best burgers. This time it was Colorado Plus that won with many sitting in second and third places.

This month we ask: “Who’s got the best Chinese food in the area?” Your best ever, your “go to” when your family is starved and you don’t want to cook. Take out, eat-in, buffet and full service. “Everything counts in large amounts.”

Votes can be submitted on Facebook and Instagram throughout November. 

If you have ideas for questions about foods or reviews on local restaurants please don’t hesitate to write to us at WRgazette@gmail.com Thank you.

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