Where’s The Best Burger?

Once again this month, we’re asking our readers to write restaurant reviews. This month it’s burgers: any dining establishment in Wheat Ridge, Edgewater or Mountain View that has the classic sandwich on its menu.

We’ll publish the best four or five reviews in the November Neighborhood Gazette.

There are some rules, of course.

The first and greatest of the food review commandments is to show, not tell: Describe why you enjoyed that burger. Was it the beef, the bun, the sauce, the toppings? Was there something unique about it? Why did you enjoy it?

If it was bad, don’t write about it.

And keep it under 50 words, please.

Got it? Go forth, find a great burger and write to us about it. 

Email your review to wrgazette@gmail.com, and write “Vittles & Beer Burger Review” in the subject line. The deadline is Oct. 19.

What About The Pizza?

 For our first month, we invited readers to write up their favorite pizza. Here’s a few of what we received:

Pietra’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant, 9045 W. 44th Ave.

 Pietra’s is a family favorite (among five generations) and is always the preference for my sons. Other suggestions here have given us some new places to try, but we’ll always choose to go where everyone knows our names and our orders!

  –Leah Dozeman, Wheat Ridge

 Pietra’s is the best hands down. Traditional pie with good red sauce for almost any toppings, but my personal choice is pepperoni. Keep it simple and classic. I love that you can watch it being made in front of you with the pizza maker and oven right behind the counter. Always good for a show. Been going for over 30 years and it’s my go to for hometown pizza.

  –Albert Gallo

Jet’s Pizza, 3926 Wadsworth Blvd.

 Have you all tried Jet’s Pizza (newly opened)? Real Detroit-style pizza! We’re talking square deep dish with that well-done crust and cupping pepperoni! It’s got this Detroiter all up in a tizzy!

  –Ira Sweetwine

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