What’s Happening – September 2023

JET’S PIZZA, 3926 WADSWORTH, HELD A RIBBON CUTTING with Wheat Ridge Mayor Bud Starker making the cut with Jet’s owner/operator Zack Goods assisting.

Wheat Ridge Approving ADUs One Year After Council’s Vote 

One year after Wheat Ridge City Council voted to allow accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in the city, seven existing units are now legal, and 21 permits are in the pipeline for new and existing units.

“We have been permitting ADUs that already existed but were unsanctioned,” said Amanda Harrison, Communications and Engagement Manager for the City of Wheat Ridge. “We have received 16 applications to get them permitted as sanctioned ADUs, and seven of them have been completed and are official ADUs now.” 

“For brand new ADUs, we have received 10 permit applications and seven of them have been issued, meaning construction can start, but none have been built so far,” she explained.

Efforts to stop licensing of ADUs are continuing.

Last summer opponents attempted but failed to gather enough signatures to force city council to repeal the ADU ordinance or put it to a public vote. They lost an October protest hearing to challenge the city clerk’s finding of insufficiency, then in late November filed an appeal in Jefferson County District Court (Brazell, Robert Lee, et al v. Kirkpatrick, Steve, et al, 2022CV235) to review and overturn that decision. That appeal is languishing in court, and unlikely to be resolved before December.

Infinitus Pie Closes Wheat Ridge Location 

Infinitus Pie will close its Wheat Ridge location, 5807 W. 38th Ave., on Aug. 31, according to an email from the restaurant.

“We are sad to close our Wheat Ridge location, which has been an integral part of our journey. However, we remain steadfast in our mission to inspire people to improve their communities with the power in their wallet,” said co-founder Katie Crouse Leach in the email. “While this chapter may be ending, our dedication to mindful sourcing, waste reduction and community impact will continue to thrive.”

The restaurant diverted 70 percent of its restaurant waste away from landfills, and donated over $100,000 to various community organizations since its founding, according to the email.

As the Neighborhood Gazette went to press, a farewell party was planned for Aug. 31.

Wheat Ridge’s Let’s Talk Program Receives Metro Vision Award

The City of Wheat Ridge’s Let’s Talk Resident Engagement Program received the Metro Vision Award from DRCOG for 2023. According to a recent release from the city, it was recognized for successful efforts to engage with the community and serves as a model for other communities.

The program began in 2020 as a result of hearing that residents were seeking to weigh in on topics that impact their neighborhood.

Over 1,800 residents have participated so far, and their input has led to responsive budget requests (e.g., street improvements), new or expanded programs (e.g., neighborhood cleanup events), and new projects (e.g., an affordable housing strategy).

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