What’s Happening In Mountain View These Days?

The mayor says she’s taking the month off from writing her column so she asked us (yes, the royal us) to write up some happenings we’ve heard about town. So, here goes – our (incognito) report for your pleasure:

The talk of the town in Mountain View is sometimes not a person, but a dog. And that has been the case recently where a new, very friendly puppy named Boogie came to Benton Street, where he joined a big sister, Iko. (Yes, as in, “Iko Iko!”) That tells you a lot about the town resident who cares for these pups. Just saying. Boogie was a vivacious little thing for about two weeks and now he’s a vivacious increasingly-bigger-thing, but still quite cute nonetheless!

Ann of Ames Street says her job these days, when it comes to civic engagement, is less about meetings at Town Hall and more about greetings in gardens. When you enter town and you see a cheery wave, wave back, okay? We don’t want our greeter feeling like we don’t value her. Because more than one person has told this reporter that Ann is exactly the epitome of why they love this town.

Cheri on Eaton Street says she and her housemate were recently stunned to find themselves witness to a flash of lightning near their house that sent them running inside. Cheri said she was happy to work the bar at the recent (super fun!) carnival but that if it started to lightning outside, that was her cue to go inside. And who can blame her!?

Word on the street is that the sunflowers leaning over on sidewalks are all going to get their heads chopped off and fed to the compost bin. Where is that compost bin, speaking of?! When asked what ever happened to the idea of a compost program, our esteemed Public Works Man said not to worry – it’s still coming, just slower than expected. Sigh. What else is new in Mountain View?

Just kidding, Mountain View. We love you just the way you are. Don’t ever change. Or, do please continue to grow and change, but just incrementally. (That last line is taken directly from the results of the recent survey where 57 percent of respondents said that was the preferred rate of growth for the town.)

Also, just so you know, we have four people running for three council seats in November. The League of Women Voters will be helping host a friendly (outdoor, potluck?) debate. Date and details forthcoming! Thank you to each of the candidates – it takes courage to run for office and we respect the heck out of you. 

To follow the word respect – may we just say that all residents we talk to seem very much in love with the new park idea for Ames Street. May it proceed with speed, not incrementally. 

Town Hall is hosting a pumpkin carving contest on Oct. 28 from 4 to 7 p.m. We hear there will be prizes for funny, scary and silly jack-o’-lanterns. We’re looking forward to seeing your best efforts. If you don’t have pumpkin-carving skills, you should come anyway just to mingle. It is one of the things we do best here.

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