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Wheat Ridge Reduces Parking Requirements For Affordable Housing Developments

Wheat Ridge City Council recently passed a resolution lowering minimum parking requirements for affordable housing developments, to reduce building costs.

At its June 26 regular session council approved, 7-0, an ordinance changing parking requirements for deed-restricted affordable dwelling units. Near transit, the one parking space per dwelling unit minimum was reduced to a quarter space; within mixed-use zones, one space per unit down to half; and in multi-unit, Residential Three zones, 1.5-2 units down to .75-1.25, depending on bedrooms per residence. Maximum parking limits were not changed.

Parking is expensive, costing several thousand dollars per space in a traditional parking lot, and tens of thousands per garage, according to the city. Although city-imposed parking requirements are a small portion of building costs, the change can help reduce financing gaps for developers of affordable housing.

   In other affordable housing news, Archway Communities will celebrate the opening of Robinson Place, its newest affordable housing project, on Aug. 24. The three-story development features 67 apartments for adults 62 and older – as well as veterans – and is located on north Wadsworth, just south of Crown Hill Park. 

Art Walks, Shows And Calls For Art At Lakewood Arts

Lakewood Arts Gallery will be hosting art from Rocky Mountain Botanicals in the Acorn Gallery during the month of August, along with art from Charlie and the Girls: Charlie Casper, Gail Firmin and Linda Harris.

There will be a First Friday Art Walk and opening reception on Friday, Aug. 4, from 5 to 9 p.m., with live music and art demos.

Lakewood Arts is also calling for art submissions for its Artists Choice exhibit, to be held at the Lakewood Cultural Center, Sept. 17 through Jan. 5, and juried by Robert Gratiot, who will award cash prizes. The deadline to enter is Sept. 9.

Looking further into the future, a Creative Birdhouse Workshop will be held at the gallery on Saturday, Sept. 2, from noon to 4 p.m. Cost is $8 members, $10 for others. 

The gallery is located at 6501 W. Colfax Ave., in the 40West Arts Hub. Call 303-980-0625 or go to lakewoodarts.org for more information. 

Quilt Collection Is The Highlight Of Historical Society’s Second Saturday Social

The Wheat Ridge Historical Society’s much-loved quilt collection will be featured at this month’s Second Saturday Social, scheduled for Aug. 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Baugh House (West 44th Avenue and Robb Street).

Events for the day will center around the heritage of the Baugh House, the Victorian farm house that started out as a small cabin in the mid-1800s and was encapsulated by the farm house builders around the turn of the 20th century and then forgotten. Several decades later Baugh’s cabin was rediscovered. After a devastating fire in 1994, the structure sat for years in a derelict condition until the society secured grants to have it renovated. It was restored to its original condition but now features a portion of the original cabin inside the house.

Several examples of the society’s quilt collection will be on display, examples dating from the Civil War through the Great Depression. Some were made by pioneer women whose families were among the first settlers in the area. Quilts have been used in a variety of ways, not just as bed covers. Join us and discover the fascinating history of these featured pieces.

Historical Park museums are open every Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. We are happy to accommodate your needs and glad to make appointments for tours on other days; just call or email us at the contact information below.

For more information go to our website at wheatridgehistoricalsociety.org, email us at wrhistorical@gmail.com, call 303-421-9111, or stop by the White Family Home Fridays at 4610 Robb St. Be sure to follow us on Facebook. 

Raffle At Clancy’s Irish Pub To Raise Funds For Victims Of American Elm Tragedy, Aug. 12

Clancy’s Irish Pub, 7000 W. 38th Ave., Wheat Ridge, will stage a fundraiser for victims of The American Elm tragedy on Saturday, Aug. 12, starting at 3 p.m., featuring music by Guerrilla Radio & Sabotage.

Raffle tickets can be purchased to win prizes from Get Rights Bakery, Colorado Plus, Stylus & Crate, Joyride Brewing, Talnua Distillery, Breckenridge Brewery, Wolf & Wildflower, Mestizo, Clancy’s, Pietra’s, West 29th Avenue Restaurant, Odyssey Brewing, AEG, Out of Step Clay, Infinitus Pie, Bardo Coffee and more. All proceeds from raffle tickets purchased go to helping the families.

For more information or to donate gift cards or prizes contact Jeff at Clancy’s, 720-456-7320.

Wheat Ridge Spends 62% More Than Nation On Cable And Internet

Per month, the average Wheat Ridge household spends $191 on cable and internet, which is 62 percent higher than the U.S. yearly average of $118, according to a U.S. Cable & Internet Market Size and Household Spending Report 2023, according to Indigo Bruno-Hopps, Insights Specialist at doxo, an internet infographic information service. Coloradoans, overall, spend only $110 each month.

Internet and cable aren’t the only pricey products they pay for: Wheat Ridge residents spend $2,685 a month, or $32,214 a year on the 10 most essential household bills which is 31.2 percent higher than the national average of $2,046, according to the report.

Among the average cost of monthly bills in Wheat Ridge: mortgage, $1,678; rent, $1,336; auto loans, $521; utilities, $342; health insurance, $423; auto insurance, $264; mobile, $119; alarm and security, $86; and life insurance, $157.

Prevent Animal- And Insect-Borne Disease This Summer 

As the weather warms up and community members start spending more time outdoors, Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) is sharing information to keep animals and insects from crashing Jeffco residents’ plans.  

One of the most important things Jeffco residents can and should do to prevent the spread of disease is to not touch and keep distance from wildlife, including baby animals. In Colorado, there are several animal- and insect-borne diseases to be aware of. The most common of these diseases in Jeffco are rabies and West Nile Virus.

Rabies is a preventable viral disease most often transmitted through the bite or saliva of a rabid animal. When not treated, rabies can cause serious illness and is almost always fatal.

To prevent rabies: 

• Vaccinate all cats, dogs, ferrets and valuable livestock against rabies. 

• If you clean up your pet after a known or suspected encounter with a wild animal, you should cover all exposed skin with a long sleeve shirt and gloves, use a face mask to cover your mouth and nose, and safety glasses to protect your eyes. 

• If bitten or scratched by a stray domestic animal or any wild animals, you should wash the wound with soap and water and contact your doctor about beginning the rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis. 

• Do not handle or feed wildlife.  

West Nile Virus is spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes, and is found in Colorado every year. While most people have no symptoms at all, some people with the virus develop a fever, fatigue, headache and/or muscle and joint aches, which can progress to serious illness.

To prevent West Nile Virus: 

• Use an Environmental Protection Agency-registered insect repellent with an approved active ingredient, such as DEET. Choose the concentration of DEET in your bug spray that best fits the amount of time you’ll be spending outside. 

• Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants and socks to keep your skin protected from insects. 

• Get rid of standing water and brush around your home.

There are other diseases to worry about – tularemia, Colorado tick fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, bubonic plague and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome – but they are relatively rare, and can be prevented by conducting tick checks, and avoiding handling wildlife and rodent wastes.

For more information about animal-borne and insect-borne diseases and how to stay safe this summer, visit www.jeffco.us/2363/Animal-Borne-Disease or call JCPH at 303-271-5700.

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