What’s (And Who’s) New At WestFax Brewing?

THE WESTFAX BREWING COMPANY TEAM (left to right): Founder and owner Anthony Martuscello, Sales & Marketing Manager Jaclyn Martuscello, and Head Brewer Colby Brandt. PHOTO: J. PATRICK O’LEARY

WestFax Brewing Company sits next door to the iconic Casa Bonita restaurant on West Colfax – a boon before the pandemic, when busloads of folks were dropped off at the plaza, according to Jaclyn Martuscello, Sales & Marketing Manager and wife of owner and founder Anthony Martuscello.

When the pandemic hit, they were limited to to-go releases, so they bought a canning line and “ramped up” distribution, signing up boutique and craft liquor stores to carry WestFax’s wares (check out their website’s Beer Finder for details). They rode out the roller coaster of seating restrictions and hired Colby Brandt as head brewer in May.

Brandt was setting up a brew and training a new assistant brewer during my visit, so I interviewed him via email.

How did you get your start in brewing?

I began “homebrewing” while attending college in Lincoln, Neb., about a decade ago. I started working professionally as a brewer a year later when I moved to Laramie, Wyo. I made my way across the state and into Idaho as a brewer before making my way to Denver to be closer to an actual beer scene and my family. 

What’s the biggest surprise hit you’ve brewed?

“Faux” lager-style beers from a Norwegian yeast strain usually colloquially referred to as “Oslo.”

If I DON’T drink a variety of beer or often, what would you recommend I try at your brewery?

I’d say give one of the “faux” lager styles a go! Or a fruited-kettle sour. Always refreshing. Guaranteed to satisfy. 

If I DO drink a variety of beer and often, what would you recommend I try at your brewery?

You are in the Denver metro area, you probably drink IPA. Come try all my Hop-Pops!

Anthony gave me a behind-the-taps brewery tour and short lesson in brewing (details in a later column). Jaclyn sent me home with nine canned samples. My take on two:

• Hella Slaps, a West Coast Double IPA – very hoppy (aromatic, not bitter) definite pine and citrus aroma. 

• Blackberries & Lemons Be Crazy, a blackberry and Meyer lemon sour ale – indeed crazy, tart (but not sour, kettle sour is just the style), more fruity than hoppy.

Brewery Info:

Who: WestFax Brewing Company 

Where: 6733 W. Colfax Ave., Lakewood

Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 3-10 p.m.; Fri. 2-11 p.m.; Sat. noon-11 p.m.; Sun. 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

Beer: 12 taps (five standard and seven limited offerings) plus cans in the cooler. 2-3 new releases every other Saturday, so watch the web.

Food: Trucks, varies, but typically Wednesday through Sunday – check website for current calendar of participants and schedule.

Info: westfaxbrewingcompany.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or 303-233-3742. 

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