We’re Finding Our Way To The New Normal

Edgewater Mayor Laura Keegan

Summer has arrived! The City of Edgewater is in the process of finding its new normal now that we are in the Clear Phase on Colorado’s COVID-19 Dial. As our businesses and services come alive, please remember there is still the potential threat of the pandemic spreading throughout our communities. The new Delta variant is now present in all 50 states. Remember the importance of getting you, your family, friends and loved ones vaccinated. If you choose not to be vaccinated, please remember to take safety precautions by social distancing, washing your hands and wearing a mask to protect those around you.

City council is working diligently to move projects forward as city staff finalizes plans for work on the lower 25th Avenue redesign and other upcoming changes to help control and calm traffic throughout the city. There are numerous changes coming over the next months and years to 20th Avenue, 26th Avenue and the Sheridan Boulevard corridor. All these important projects are the result of numerous community studies, in-person community workshops and numerous design team workshops with citizens, council and city boards.

Support the many businesses you have had to stay away from since the pandemic kept us homebound for so long. Watch as changes to the streetscape areas begin to transform the lower 25th business area into an awesome, family-friendly downtown that will have lots of room for outdoor dining, biking and enjoying a much-needed day or night out. Enjoy all the reopening and in-person dining and shopping at the Public Market, all the dining and shopping areas along Sheridan Boulevard and Edgewater Marketplace. Enjoy the Gray and 25th business area as that becomes a larger community hub.

Edgewater continues to provide assistance to our businesses and residents as the government CARES Act funds become available. Please call the city if you need information on any assistance. You can use the city website for phone numbers as well as the ASK EDGEWATER feature that allows you to ask for information.

Here’s a reminder: all property owners are responsible for keeping up with weed and tree trimming on their property; trees and vegetation can’t overhang and block alleys, streets and sidewalks.

For those who may not be aware, Edgewater passed renters’ rights ordinances in 2015. If you have health and safety issues with the unit you rent and are having no response or getting no help from your landlord, please know you can file a Rental Property Tenant Complaint form with the city, available on our website. Additionally, all rental properties in Edgewater must be registered and licensed with the City of Edgewater. This can be done online or by calling the city clerk.

Watch for upcoming Edgewater events on our website: www.edgewaterco.com. Edgewater Mayor Laura Keegan can be reached at lkeegan@edgewaterco.com.

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