Valentine’s Day With The Captain

EDGEWATER’S SENIOR VALENTINE’S BINGO EXTRAVAGANZA – hosted by camera-shy local mariner “The Captain” – was held Feb. 10, featuring prizes, bags of Hershey chocolates, coolers bearing the city’s crest, water bottles and gift cards from local businesses. PHOTO COURTESY CITY OF EDGEWATER

Ahoy there mateys! Your humble Captain is mooring near Sloan’s Lake for the winter, and I had the privilege of hosting the Senior Valentine’s Bingo Extravaganza in the fair City of Edgewater on Feb. 10. It was a night to be remembered, filled with the sounds of Lionel Richie and Celine Dion, and the smell of sweet chocolate in the air.

The city’s events team did a grand job of organizing the night, providing near a dozen amazing prizes, including bags of Hershey chocolates, coolers bearing the city’s crest, water bottles, and gift cards from local businesses that are the pride of the town.

But the real treasure of the night was Sherry, a daring lass who took the stage and sang a song that captured the hearts of all who heard it. With a voice like the sweet sound of a mermaid’s lullaby, she sang “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer, and she sang it with a bravery that would make any pirate proud.

Her husband beamed with joy, for she sang it for him, as a Valentines’ gift from the depths of her heart. And for her bravery, Sherry was awarded a box filled to the brim with the finest of chocolates, a prize fit for a queen!

It was a night overflowing with adventure, and the prizes were bountiful. The chocolates were as sweet as a tropical paradise, the coolers as cool as a sea breeze, and the gift cards as valuable as a chest full of pirate’s gold.

So hoist the colors, me mateys, and let us raise a glass to Sherry, and to the City of Edgewater! May the winds be always on your back, and the bingo calls on your card.

Yours truly, The Captain.

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