Updates For The First Month Of 2024

Steve Conklin is Edgewater Mayor

I hope 2024 is going well for you so far! 

In November 2023, I was honored to be elected Edgewater Mayor, following service on City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission. Along with re-elected Council members Bill Berg and Kali Janda and new members Mercedes Valdez, Joie Iten and John Thomsen, we were sworn in in December 2023. Council members Hannah Gay Keao and Lilly Steirer continue on City Council, having been elected in 2021. I’m honored to be serving alongside this thoughtful and dedicated group.

So far, we’ve had a mix of council business meetings (where official actions are taken), work sessions and training for both new and continuing council members. We also met with Colorado Representative Brittany Petterson to talk about federal issues important to Edgewater.   

2024 will be a busy year, with work wrapping up the update to our comprehensive plan, infrastructure improvements including 25th Avenue near Sheridan Boulevard and work on our Americans with Disabilities Transition Plan. That plan guides us as we work to make Edgewater more accessible.

The 2024 Community Survey will be out in the coming months, and all of our boards and commissions will be doing important work with our parks, sustainability, land use and more.   

One of the responsibilities of Mayor is making appointments to our boards and commissions. I encourage Edgewater residents to think about volunteering to serve. Vacancies are announced by the city as they occur, alongside information on how to apply.  

I’ve written before about the Denver Regional Council of Governments, or DRCOG. DRCOG is comprised of excellent staff and a board of 58 leaders from governments around the metro area.  I serve as Edgewater’s representative, and for the last year have been DRCOG Chair.  It’s been an honor to serve with other leaders in the region. My term as Chair ends in March, but I’ll continue to serve in the coming year as Immediate Past Chair and as Edgewater’s representative.

DRCOG’s Mission Statement:

The Denver Regional Council of Governments is a planning organization where local governments collaborate to establish guidelines, set policy, and allocate funding in the areas of:

  • Transportation and Personal Mobility
  • Growth and Development
  • Aging and Disability Resources

As Colorado’s population continues to age, we recognize the fastest growing age group are those over 65. DRCOG’s work in advocating for the aging is very important, and Edgewater will continue to work on how we can support our aging populations.  

Everyone that lives, works, or shops in Edgewater is an important part of our community.  Whether you own or rent, are new to the area or a lifelong resident, you are a part of what makes this community special. “We Are Edgewater!”

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