Turning A Passion Into A Purpose

Sarah Catron is a long-time gardener and also serves at Clancy's Irish Pub here in Wheat Ridge

Like so many people, I find solace in plants. It doesn’t matter if it is in the garden or in my home, they bring a peace that is not only comforting, but needed.

At first, I thought of gardening and collecting plants as a hobby that just passed the time. It was something that kept me busy and kept my mind busy, almost as a distraction from the ever-changing world around us.

I soon realized that it was more than that. Plants fed my soul, and I took care of them as they, in return, took care of me. Plants are more like us than we even realize. We share a symbiotic relationship with them that is crucial to making sure that not only us humans can thrive here, but the animals as well.

Once I came to this realization, something clicked for me. This is what I wanted, more so, needed to do with my life. This is my passion. 

Plants are unique and depending on location and light need different types of care, very similar to us as humans needing different types of love and care to thrive. Just like plants, we can adapt to our environment. That is why when choosing what kind of plants you want to care for you should be very considerate of the amount of light and climate you are bringing them into. Some plants, like succulents and cacti, love dryer air and less water, while other plants like palms and ficus prefer a more tropical climate. The same scenario would apply to outdoor gardening and how much water, elevation and sun your plants need to flourish.  When selecting a plant in any situation, the best thing to do is research their needs so that you can get the best from them, and they can also get the best care from you. 

However, that is just the beginning. There is so much we can do to prolong the lives of not only the animals we share this earth with, but also the land around us that we will need for generations to come. Not only does this land provide us food, but also medicine and the very air we breathe. From vertical farming, to planting gardens that will save our bees, and even as far as to the depths of our oceans and saving our coral reefs, it is so important that we don’t give up on trying.

Once you step back and look at how much we share with the world around us, that is when one realizes we need more people to get into the horticulture and botany industry. After all, at the end of the day if we don’t take care of the world around us, who will? 

Sarah Catron is a long-time gardener and also serves at Clancy’s Irish Pub here in Wheat Ridge.

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