Traffic Calming And Mobility Improvements In Edgewater

Big changes in Edgewater! Thanks to the 2019 Traffic Calming and Mobility Plan (The Plan) the City of Edgewater is making traffic infrastructure improvements to provide safer mobility options for the community by identifying and prioritizing traffic calming and mobility improvements. The Plan also provides the framework for safer streets and slower speeds throughout the city.

During the Plan development, there was engagement from the public, businesses, and others. This engagement included guided walking tours, focus group meetings, community visioning meetings, and a community network design workshop.

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Below is a brief list of the improvements that are taking place throughout Edgewater.

26th Ave. & Kendall St. Median

A median at this intersection will provide slower speeds through this area to minimize cut-through traffic in this area. With newer higher density development on 29th Avenue, this median will promote traffic to utilize 26th or 29th avenue for traveling east or west.

25th Ave. & Gray St. Raised Crossing

A raised intersection will be installed at 25th Avenue and Gray Street. This intersection design will provide slower vehicle speeds through the corridor while making pedestrian crossing easier and safer. This new improvement will provide a safer corridor for businesses and visitors in the area. 

24th Ave. & Pierce St. Roundabouts

Several traffic improvements have already been made in this area to slow traffic down between the two schools. A roundabout will be installed to finish off this street design. The aging traffic light at this intersection will be removed and the roundabout will provide safer pedestrian access to Jefferson Middle/High School and Lumberg Elementary. 

20th Ave. & Harlan St./ 20th Ave. & Benton St. Roundabouts

This intersection will be improved with the addition of roundabouts. The current traffic lights at Harlan Street will be removed. Roundabouts promote slower speeds through the intersection and provide safer crossing areas for pedestrians and bicycle traffic. 

20th Ave. Sheridan Blvd – Harlan St. Sidewalk Widening

The sidewalk on the north side of 20th Avenue between Sheridan and Harlan Street will be widened to eight feet. A separated bike lane will also be in place on the north side of 20th Avenue.

During construction of these improvements, we anticipate several closures and traffic re-routing. Thank you for your patience as these improvements are made, we are working to minimize the impacts as the work progresses.

If you have concerns or need additional information please use AskEdgewater on our website at

Dan Maples is the Edgewater City Manager.

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