Town Comprehensive Planning Outreach To Start Now

Emilie Mitcham is the mayor of Mountain View.

I’m very happy to share that the town of Mountain View has launched a new comprehensive planning project this month.

  A comprehensive plan is a long-term guide that captures the shared vision of what a community wants to be in the future. It is a comprehensive roadmap with a set of goals and policies for achieving the town’s vision.

  The goals and policies in the plan are multi-faceted and can address any topic the community wants to address, including but not limited to land use, economic development, sustainability, public infrastructure, recreation, housing, and the arts. Usually, the topics a community chooses to address are connected to each other and this helps to build cohesion in the document.

  Here is why this is important: planning helps to ensure that future growth and policy decisions are consistent with the town’s vision and that the community is prepared to respond to potential changes, including economic shifts, development pressures, and changes to the environment. And when I say, “the town’s vision,” I mean that if you care about Mountain View, either because you shop here, live here, work here, or play here, we want your voice in this plan.

  Berry Dunn, the company chosen by Council for their expertise in this exact type of project, has created a logo and a website for this community-wide project, and I’m very pleased to unveil it here:

  The value of the Comprehensive Plan increases with each and every voice that participates. The questions we will be asking, and the answers you provide, will help guide the direction of our town for twenty years to come. If you feel strongly about any aspect of what it’s like to live, visit, or do business in Mountain View, I sincerely hope that you will share your thoughts.

  There will be multiple opportunities to be involved and provide input on the future of your community. Online and in-person engagement opportunities will be shared as we move forward in the process.

  The Comprehensive Plan will be used by the Town Council, Town staff, boards, committees and commissions to guide decision making. However, the successful implementation of any Comprehensive Plan requires the involvement of the whole community. Residents, business owners, nonprofit organizations, community leaders – we all play a part in realizing the Town’s vision.

  In other words – we can’t do this without you. And I look forward to many opportunities to hear from you as we move into the next twenty years of our sweet Mountain View.

  Thank you!

Emilie Mitcham is the mayor of Mountain View.

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