The Summer To Remember

With COVID-19 cases declining across the nation and 50 percent of Coloradans fully vaccinated by Father’s Day, is it possible that many aspects of pre-pandemic life may return this summer? A response in the affirmative may mean that summer 2021 marks a return to a familiar summer.

Current publications state that people are eager to restore face-to-face human connection and socialization. This concept is not unique as, typically, in-person association is the manner in which personal or professional relationships are established and strengthened.

So, at the onset of summer, and as residents strategically move into physical, mental and emotional recovery from the pandemic, how is this interrelatedness demonstrated by community members?

The answer may be found in recalling recent neighborhood activity or reviewing your summer calendar. Has a yard sale, park picnic, camping experience or family celebration been added to your summer schedule?

Although it’s early in the season, community members convey that summer 2021 is unlike a year ago. “Summer is already different for me. I can meet friends for coffee and travel comfortably,” commented a retiree who had returned from a two-week camping experience.

Another resident conveyed, “Usually, by this time, I have a list of home improvements to tackle over the summer, but COVID provided time to complete many household projects. Since I won’t be doing projects, I can relax and enjoy leisure activity.”

In addition to the pleasure of dining out, leisure time and travel, family and individual celebrations are receiving enthusiastic revival. “I’m headed to North Dakota for a family reunion intended for last summer,” expressed one neighbor. “Thankfully, last year’s lodging reservations were honored because nothing is available were we planning the reunion now.”

Another local excitedly remarked, “We’re celebrating my husband’s June birthday by using a local restaurant gift card I’ve kept for almost two years!”

Mayor Glenn Levy recently reported further indicators of summer: “The annual August community picnic will be held this year.” He said that most likely, other summer town activities will resume.

Interestingly, several citizens expressed hesitancy regarding an enviable summer happening. “I’m not looking forward to returning to the office in August which surprises me,” reflects a member of the work force. “In the beginning of restrictions, I didn’t think working remotely would be productive. It was a difficult adjustment, but I’ve learned the advantages of doing business from home.”

Clearly, community members have benefited from the COVID-19 vaccination to enable personal connection and social interaction. With this welcome combination, summer 2021 may quite possibly evolve as both familiar, and the summer to remember.

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