Thank You

Neighborhood Gazette Publisher Guy Nahmiach

Over the last number of years I’ve lowered my expectations of people, my city and even myself. Mostly as a defense mechanism to not be disappointed when things don’t go my way or just generally don’t work out. I know I’m not alone in doing so. I’m slowly starting to reverse that. I’m sure there’s a New Year’s resolution somewhere in there but for the time being I’m simply and more importantly starting with “thank you.” 

It’s that time of the year when we slow down, look around and recognize those who have graciously gone out of their way to help. The Zachs and Meagans of city hall that walk you through the short-term rental tax returns, The Barry Malloys who will remember your name and ask how you are. The Jeffs of the world that will take time out of their hectic schedule and sit with you in conversation. The anonymous woman who buys you that sausage biscuit at the McDonald’s drive through. Truly no matter how small or big, an act of kindness goes such a long way.

Wonderful holidays are coming in. Are you taking the time to write “thank you” on that restaurant bill? Complimenting your neighbor on their upkeep of their yard? Maybe thanking someone for letting you in front of them during rush hour, with that wave of the hand that seemed to have disappeared? It doesn’t take much and sure feels great.

Giving “thanks” doesn’t mean that our roads have been fixed. In fact I can only imagine what these holes will feel like filled with snow and how slick these metal plates will be when all iced up. But maybe you can be thankful for the workers’ efforts and safety. Perhaps be hopeful that our new city works director is working on standards for contractors working in our city. 

I’ve also noticed the uptick of posts about dog owners walking their best friends and leaving “gift bags” behind on neighbors’ lawns, in just-emptied garbage cans or simply leaving filled bags along trails. Rick, I’d love to write an entire piece about this topic but then I’d be accused of not being a “dog person.” Maybe I can be thankful that people and their dogs have Fruitdale dog park and the many trails we have on the Greenbelt. 

I’m always thankful and lifted by kind words of appreciation after every issue. My staff that is so passionate about their craft. Our readers connect with our different writers and send in their compliments. That certainly negates the threatening calls I get from some that are probably just angry about a lovely bag of goodies left on their lawn. 

Happy Thanksgiving friends. I am grateful for each and everyone of you. As always, thanks for reading.

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