Technology Helps WRHS Boys Soccer Team

THE WHEAT RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL BOYS SOCCER TEAM adopted the Trace system to help improve their skills and provide highlight films for individual players. They finished the season 6-7-2. PHOTO: CARA JAKAB

This year, the Wheat Ridge High School Boys Soccer team adopted the Trace system to help improve their skills. Surrounding the field with live cameras and having each player wear a tracking (GPS) device on their person. Being able to watch on a live screen how each player follows set formations and help individuals record their highlights and use that for college scholarships. 

The season went well. The boys finished up 6-7-2. The two being two ties against top teams in the state. They worked hard and performed admirably throughout the season. I am extremely proud of what they accomplished. On one hand it was a very successful season, yet on the other it was disappointing because we had a chance to win league and make it into playoffs, and that, unfortunately, did not happen. 

The Trace program was phenomenal. We were able to use it and all its processes to help build and equip the players with more and more soccer IQ and vision for their play. We used the Trace system to watch film of the previous game and reflect on our play. We were able to look at stamina and which players were running and moving the most. We were able to look at how many touches each player had and their offensive touch progressions (which is basically possession in keeping the ball). We could also highlight defensive breakdowns and track those. Watching film as a team was extremely impactful for the kids. They love seeing the game with the big picture and seeing their space and where they can improve on the daily.

Not only was Trace beneficial for team film and how to improve as a team, but we’re able to use this film to create individual highlight films for players to send to college recruiters. This is SO valuable you can’t put it in words. We have amazing talent and skill here at WRHS and before now the kids didn’t have a lot of exposure. Now they have the capability to create and send highlight films to college coaches and get the kids’ names out there. 

No one fought the system in any way. Other teams have similar versions of the system and parents and athletes didn’t fight it if they didn’t get it. JV understands that it is a Varsity system and there was no negative feedback there. 

Trace was sponsored ($2,800) by local Realtor Guy Nahmiach. All in all, we are extremely grateful for this program. It is a part of taking this program to the next level and I believe we are well on our way! I, along with the players and parents, are already noticing how beneficial it is for these young athletes individually and as a program. 

Nate Flack is the Wheat Ridge High School Varsity Boys Soccer Coach.  He also teaches Social Studies at WRHS. Contact him at:

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