Taste of the Town – Breakfast

This one took some time to get off the ground — very much like a dreary morning in Wheat Ridge. We asked for readers’ favorite breakfast places. We had many suggestions like Stylus and Crate in Wheat Ridge, Syrup in Edgewater, Apple Ridge Cafe was a crowd favorite, Mercedes was mentioned, as was one reader’s kitchen. He believed he could make the best pancakes. But at the end of the day it was GetRight’s that had the most votes with one reader offering to make her own coffee, as long as they provided the pastry. 

For next month we want to hear from you about your favorite Happy Hour place. Good cocktails, great place to meet people. Decor and friendliness, maybe just the best hole in the wall. Write us at WRgazette@gmail or find us on social media @neighborhood.gazette on Instagram and @NeighborhoodGzt on X (Twitter).

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