Tadd Overstreet & His Family Coffee House

“WE ARE NOT THE TYPICAL HIPSTER COFFEE SHOP, we are a family coffee shop,” said Stylus & Crate owner Tadd Overstreet, a fourth-generation Colorado native. PHOTO: BRENDA RITZ

Just west of 38th and Pierce sits Stylus & Crate, the newest locally owned and operated coffee house in Wheat Ridge. In conjunction with the coffee, the shop also prides itself on its offering of waffles and vinyl records.  

Tadd Overstreet owns Stylus & Crate. Being a fourth generation Colorado native, he has always loved the area and his roots here run deep.

“When I found this space, it just felt like home. I had a very specific community that I wanted to serve. I grew up in Arvada and have always attended church here in Wheat Ridge.” 

He and his wife Kristie still live in Arvada, have raised three boys there and recently took in a teenage niece. They also have three grandkids with one more on the way.

“Prior to opening the shop, I worked in the organic food industry in brand development. I promised my wife that when we had grandkids, I would be home for it.”

Tadd has strong passions for quality foods, taking care of people, coffee, music and the community.

“I am treating this venture as a true labor of love, more so than a job. I wanted to set up a brand around being intentional and around coffee.” 

The name Stylus & Crate stems from the way one listens to music on vinyl which is one of his passions.

“There is not a more intentional way to listen to music than when you put on a record. That is how I want the experience here to feel as well.” 

“We are not the typical hipster coffee shop, we are a family coffee shop. Weekends are big brunch days. The waffles we serve are about as close as you can get to fresh Belgian waffles as one can get thanks to the network I have from my previous career. We have one little guy that comes in on Saturdays and orders his Nutella and strawberry waffles with no strawberries! Those are the type of experiences we hope to nurture.” 

Tadd has many examples of ways that Stylus & Crate is different and special.

“We have an exercise group for seniors that meet every week… We have our first wedding coming up from a couple that had their first date here and we were able to make that experience so special that they are going to get married here… Wheat Ridge Creates has their art guild get together here every third Saturday of the month…. We are really focused on the experiences we are creating here.”

The road to opening was fraught with detours.

“The building was in very infantile stages of redevelopment when I found it. I told my wife that I found the space in Wheat Ridge for the coffee shop. When she saw the cinder-block shell, she was not so sure! But, through the vision I had and the talent of my architect, we created a great space. COVID threw us some curveballs, but we were able to come through on the other side with a great product.”

Stay tuned for upcoming events around supporting nonprofits.

“We will be having a charity of the month where we donate a portion of the profits to that charity. We are excited to give back in that way. It is all part of the motto to ‘Be the sunshine’ which is written on the wall of the shop and embodies the core values and mission of the brand.”

Stylus & Crate is located at 6985 W. 38th Ave., Suite 101, Wheat Ridge; call 303-955-6236 or visit stylusandcrate.com for more information.

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