Spruce Up With The Healthy Tree Canopy Program

Calling all tree enthusiasts! Edgewater’s tree-tastic initiative is back, and it’s here to help you give your leafy friends the care they deserve. Say hello to the Edgewater Healthy Tree Canopy Program for 2023!

If you have trees that need some love, all you need to do is hop onto the AskEdgewater app or www.EdgewaterCO.gov/AskEdgewater and select the “Parks > Trees and Shrubs” topic. Fill out a ticket with the number of trees that need attention and any concerns you have about them. Don’t forget to include a note that you’d like the City Arborist to swing by for an inspection.

After you submit your ticket, the city will schedule a visit from the City of Edgewater Arborist within the next 10 business days. Our tree expert means business! Prepare yourself for a helpful site visit, where the City Arborist will dish out some top-notch advice on tree TLC and determine if your trees are eligible for the 2023 Healthy Tree Canopy Program.

Hold onto your gardening gloves because here’s the cherry on top: If your trees make the cut (no pun intended), the City Arborist will present you with a coupon that grants you a whopping 50 percent discount (up to $500 maximum) on any eligible service. But hey, there’s a limit of one coupon per property, so choose your favorite tree wisely.

To redeem that golden coupon, you’ll need to schedule your eligible service with the city’s Landscape Contractor. When the time for payment arrives, whip out your coupon, and watch as 50 percent (up to $500 maximum) magically vanishes from your bill. Just remember, you’ll be responsible for the remaining invoice cost. The city’s Landscape Contractor will take care of collecting the balance from the city, so you can sit back and relax.

Oh, and one more thing! If you’re itching to plant a new tree, the program has you covered, too. Follow the same process as above, but instead of a discount from the City Landscape Contractor, you’ll need to provide proof of tree removal and a receipt for your tree purchase to the city. They’ll reimburse you with 50 percent (up to $500 maximum) of your tree expenses once the planting has been verified by the City Arborist. Sounds like a sweet deal!

So, Edgewater residents, let’s rally together and give our trees the love they deserve! The City Arborist will keep tabs on the coupons distributed, as there are limited funds that will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

With the Healthy Tree Canopy Program, our trees will thrive, our landscapes will flourish, and our community will be a greener, happier place. 

Learn more at www.EdgewaterCO.gov/Trees

Kalah Hardt is the City of Edgewater’s Communications & Events Director.

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