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Are you an Edgewater resident that rents a home or an apartment? If so, it is important to know that you have rights and a process to advocate for those rights through your city government. 

During the Feb. 2 City Council meeting, many residents shared public testimony about their concerns and challenges within their rental properties. There is a clear and definitive problem at hand, and fortunately the City of Edgewater has a process to support residents of Edgewater who rent and are experiencing safety and habitability concerns. In the weeks ahead, council plans to review, update and, if needed, improve our process to ensure that those who rent in Edgewater are able to effectively advocate for themselves and their families. Below please find information about resources that are available to renters in Edgewater.

You can access general information regarding rental properties here:  

To highlight how the process works: 

1. Submit a completed Tenant Complaint Form to:

a. Please include a letter from the tenant to the landlord documenting the issue and a request to fix the issue. This letter is not required if the issue poses imminent danger.

b. A Spanish version of the Complaint Form is currently available at Edgewater’s Civic Center and will be added to the website soon.

2. City Staff will contact you to verify the complaint and activate next steps. 

a. City Staff will help you determine if your issue is considered imminent danger, a definite issue or is outside the parameters of City code, and respond accordingly. 

b. City Staff inspections will occur as soon as possible in the case of imminent danger. Inspections for definite issues can be inspected 10 days after the landlord has been provided with a written letter from the tenant. A sample letter is available from the City. If the issue happens to be outside the scope of City Code, staff will provide resources to help resolve the issue. 

c. City Staff will notify the landlord once the inspection has been completed and the issue is determined to be in violation of Edgewater City Code. 

3. City Staff will confirm with both the tenant and landlord that the issue has been resolved. 

a. If this issue has not been resolved within the required timeframe, City Staff will take further action against the landlord through code enforcement to resolve the issue. 

If you have further questions or want to speak with someone directly, please contact: 

• Email City Staff at:

• Local nonprofit Edgewater Collective:

• Or, email Council Member, Cory Reid-Vanas at:

The City of Edgewater supports renters rights. If you have feedback related to this subject, please contact a member of City Council or City Staff. 

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