Recipe for Community: Say Hello, Plant Trees, Eat Tacos!

Spring is in the air bringing good moods, cheery waves and neighborly gatherings. Walking down Ames Street this week, a woman I wasn’t sure I recognized was walking in the opposite direction on the other side of the street, talking sweetly to a child in her arms. She waved at me across the street and then gestured expansively to the blue sky and yelled happily: “Hello! Isn’t the weather gorgeous today!?” “It is!” I smiled and yelled back. 

Dear reader: I think I know who she was, but I am not 100% certain. And to be honest, I think she initially mistook me for someone else. But there you have it — Mountain View on a nice sunny day brings out these kinds of interactions, whether you know each other or not. We are likely to smile and wave, say a word or two and feel better for the friendly interaction in the middle of a busy day. 

We have so many wonderful things to appreciate and look forward to this Spring and Summer. 

Even though Colorado’s climate sometimes produces snow in spring, the mid-March snow was beautiful and brilliant; perfect for making snowmen and angels alike. Thanks to our Public Works team who got out there and collected branches that had come down and helped residents with sidewalk snow removal, as needed. We appreciate you!

Public Works is also offering a new town composting service this spring, which is an optional, fee-based service. We’ve been working to bring this to Mountain View for some time now, and I’m happy to announce that it is finally here! Kitchen waste composting carts will be 32 gallons at $22 per month, for weekly pickup. 

Mountain View Town Council has funded more trees to shade our sidewalks! Last year’s program was very successful, and we planted 45 trees in places that will help keep pedestrians and pets cool in summer. This year, we are doing it again and Public Works is seeking residents who are interested. Please see the flier in this issue and sign up if you would like to know more.

May is the month of Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo. The town is celebrating with tacos at Town Hall on all four Tuesdays, this May. I hear a rumor that there will be live music! I hope to see many residents there!

This year, June brings a new, very exciting town-wide yard sale! If you live in Mountain View and would like to be included on the map, please sign up now. You can still participate if you don’t sign up, but it will help us plan and advertise if you do. Please scan the QR code in this issue to sign up. Thank you to resident Julia Enderle, who first suggested it! What a great idea. And thank you to Council Members Brittany Loecher and Laura Dennis for all their hard work to make our 2024 events special. 

Spring and summer always feel hopeful to me, offering many opportunities to gather and enjoy each other’s company. And on the days we’re not planting trees, eating tacos or shopping our neighbors’ yard sales together, I encourage you to smile and wave at the person across the street, whether you know them or not. Because it’s those small moments that help us feel safe and welcome too. Which is, in the end, really the whole point of the community you call home, no matter what season we are in.

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