Praises And Promises

Guy Nahmiach, Neighborhood Gazette Publisher

Hold the presses! 72 percent of Wheat Ridge citizens point to the Neighborhood Gazette as their main source of news and information. That was one of the findings in the latest city census – up from 68 percent in 2018. When I bought the Gazette, friends and business associates warned me that apparently, “No one reads papers anymore.” We are beyond thankful to all our readers and advertisers for supporting local news and a local business. We can’t do it without you.

I’m also very excited to announce a new partnership with Stylus and Crate: our official coffee shop where Gazette interviews will be taking place and where I hope to meet the community for a cup of coffee and conversations. Meeting the owner (Tadd) and listening to his passion for community building convinced me that our mindsets and business plans were very much aligned.

Great news all around this month: Everitt Middle School’s principal Dr. Jeena Templeton received her doctorate degree in Education. Longtime friends the Pollocks are now owners of Aspen Acres Campground in Rye, Colo. – definitely my next camping destination. I’m also looking forward to catching up with my good friend Andy who is finally back from his lengthy COVID-19 hiatus in Costa Rica – I wouldn’t be surprised if he managed to reorganize their entire solar electrical grid as well as their labor force. Go Andy! I loved running into Dorthy Archer at Appleridge Cafe. The world indeed is opening up all over.

Back in our ever-changing and evolving town with our very own $4 million bowling alley for sale, we are feeling our growing pains and are proud of every gain and learn from every loss. I am envious of District 4 and its council representatives Leah Dozeman and Val Nosler Beck, who clearly advocate for their district neighborhoods. They are always voicing concerns, asking for follow ups, and being accountable to their constituents. I also love being able to announce right here that Dozeman will be running again this November for that seat in District 4. If anyone is going to solve the amplified sound disputes over there, it’s going to be Dozeman.

I’ve been thinking about an idea for a story. I’m always intrigued by redundant organizations here in Wheat Ridge. This idea is not another story about garbage trucks from different companies, providing the same service. This is more about great people with good intentions that can’t seem to rally their efforts and passions as a common group, with a common goal. The many art groups, the competing business organizations, the advocacy for bicycles, the garden and forestry clubs and, of course, those preaching sustainability. Just imagine if these groups combined resources and budgets from the city, how powerful and effective they would be.

Finally, I am so excited to be launching our new website – – which will allow readers to share articles with social media, and give access to the paper to those outside our circulation network. Advertisers will enjoy having live links that will allow consumers to access their websites. Plus, updates on events such as Art on the Farm (July 24) and of course the amazing Carnation Festival in Wheat Ridge, the Blues & BBQ Festival in Edgewater and so much more.

As always, thanks for reading. Contact Neighborhood Gazette Publisher Guy Nahmiach at or 303-999-5789.

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