Possible West 44th Makeover Kicks Off With Feb. 23 Meeting

THE WEST 44TH AVENUE SUBAREA PLAN WILL FOCUS ON WEST 44TH AVENUE from Youngfield Street to Clear Creek near Field Street; it includes the portion of the city between Clear Creek and I-70. PHOTO: GUY NAHMIACH

The City of Wheat Ridge has hired a planning consultant, MIG. Inc, to assist with the West 44th Avenue Subarea Plan, according to a recent press release from the city.

The plan will focus on West 44th Avenue from Youngfield Street to Clear Creek near Field Street; it includes the portion of the city between Clear Creek and I-70. A public meeting is set for Feb. 23, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center, 4005 Kipling St. 

“The western end of 44th Avenue is not simply a transportation corridor; it is also a primary connector to many key assets in the community including the Wheat Ridge • Ward Commuter Rail Station, the Clear Creek Trail, the Applewood Shopping Center, the new Clear Creek Crossing development, and numerous adjacent residential neighborhoods in between,” Wheat Ridge City Manager Patrick Goff was quoted as saying in the release.

“Community members who provided input through the recently updated Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy and the ongoing Let’s Talk Resident Engagement program made it clear that they want to see improvements made to the aesthetics of West 44th as one of the city’s primary corridors.”   

West 44th Avenue has a mix of conditions that create a unique context for future planning and redevelopment. Although the sidewalks, curbs, pavement and lighting in the public rights of way are in fairly good condition, there is inconsistency in private property investment and maintenance, according to the release. The city has taken some important steps, such as updating the Streetscape Design Manual, to require trees along the street, among other improvements, to enhance the overall user experience along the corridor which will be a key part of this subarea plan. 

The subarea planning process will help to establish a long-range vision and guiding principles for the West 44th Avenue corridor and will guide future development decisions. The plan will include an assessment of land use, transportation circulation, neighborhood connections, and redevelopment standards to ensure they are appropriate for the corridor. The subarea plan will focus on revitalization and reinvestment in the West 44th Avenue corridor, including businesses, neighborhoods, key economic drivers, and community assets. The goal is to create a vision and redevelopment strategy for improvements to the West 44th Avenue corridor and identify priority actions that will help achieve the vision and visibly improve the community.

More information can be found at: whatsupwheatridge.com/44th-avenue

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