On Vacationing Victoriously


Not sure what got into the water last weekend, but I must have seen a hundred screamin’ neon landlubbers milling around Sloan’s Waterway making pouty-fish faces into their camera boxes at sunset.

Things got even stranger the next day when I heard rumblings about some kind of powerful siren or cult leader called “Taylor” who was said to be arriving Swiftly. I play brave for my crew, but I’m no Odysseus; so when I saw the flying firecrackers, we called anchors up and headed out of town to escape the madness.

Now it’s been so long since I’ve taken a break from my craft that I found myself adrift in clouds of thought, while also drowning in barrels of worry. My first mate helped me realize that my perspective was so far off it was like peering through the wrong end of a spyglass, focusing on everything else but myself.

So I studied and worked long and hard in an effort to right my ship, and I’m ready to share with ye some tips on how to relax and be truly present on your well-deserved shore leave! Henry David Thoreau, a noted man of the sea, once said, “Simplify, simplify, simplify,” so I’ve curated, cut and distilled the most impactful tidbits from all the lands into three key concepts even a greenhorn deckhand can understand:

Set Your Course With Care

Charting a thoughtful path is the key to a successful journey. Take some time to ponder what sort of voyage you want to embark upon. Whether it be watchin’ a glorious sunset over the horizon or enjoyin’ a hearty meal at a seaside tavern, having plans in place gives ye the time to savor each experience. Map the days ahead so you can be fully present, like a ship glidin’ effortlessly through the dawn waters.

Embrace The Rhythm Of The Tides

The early bird catches the wind, as they say, but never has there been a sea captain able to avoid every squall. On the open seas, one must learn to dance to the rhythm of the tides. Similarly, on yer vacation, ye should learn to embrace the natural flow of relaxation. Leave behind the worries and stress of everyday life and let the gentle swells of leisure wash away your troubles.

Untether Your Digital Anchor

Exit the virtual realm and let the ocean’s vast expanse be yer new playground, where real connections and cherished memories are made. It’s temptin’ to cling to the constant chatter of the online world, but a true sailor knows the value of disconnectin’ from the crowded harbors of social media and constant notifications. Take a bold step, me hearties, and put yer devices on mute or leave ‘em locked away in the cabin.

Remember sailors, the key to a relaxing and enjoyable vacation lies not in the distance ye travel but in the memories ye make along the way. Chart your journey with care and diligence, embrace life’s squalls, and unmoor yourself from the crowded digital harbor. Heed these three tips, and you’ll find yourself drifting through a sea of blissful contentment.

May the winds be fair and the sun ever bright on your path to bliss and mindfulness. Yo ho ho, and a bottle of relaxation!

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