New Year, New Growth

Sarah Catron is a long-time gardener and also serves at Clancy's Irish Pub here in Wheat Ridge.

Wow! The year flew by and here we are on the lookout of a new year full of new opportunities. I am sure many of you will be making some new year’s resolutions and setting new goals for yourself. For me personally, I am going to try and grow everything from seed this year! Trust me, I know that can be hard, especially when you’re walking down those aisles at the grocery store or Walmart and those plant babies are just there perked up and ready to be taken off the shelf. But there are also local nurseries around the city that have a much better selection of plants to choose from: Young’s Market & Garden Center, Al’s Pine Garden & Nursery, and Southwest Gardens are just a few to choose from that have great quality at amazing prices! You can find a huge variety of supplies and plants for your gardening needs at these places, including a large selection of seeds. From plants you can eat to plants that just make you happy, they really have it all. Plus, you will be supporting local nurseries where your money will go right back into the business. 

Now, I know it is only January, but if you do plan on starting anything from seed, it is wise to at least start thinking about what you want to grow and how much space you will need to do so. Any fruits and vegetables do not need to be considered right now as we do tend to have our last frost in the later part of April to early May. For these types of seedling planting, you would only need six to eight weeks prior to that for an effective transfer. But, if you are wanting to start some flowering plants that you can have around the house for two to three months before taking out into that spring garden, I like to start those seedlings sometime in January. It is also a good time to visit those local nurseries in the early months of the year as they are experiencing a slower season and the extra support is truly felt. 

For my flowering plants, I usually like to grab a plug tray, which are trays that have several plug holes of which you can keep several plants in, even of different varieties. This also helps your roots from getting tangled with other plants like they would if you used an open flat tray with no separation. These are also extremely helpful to not spread any disease that may occur, as you can simply cut those plugs off your main tray.

Keep in mind that some seeds need different conditions to germinate, and this info can be found on the back of any seed packet you buy. If you follow the guidelines found on these packets you should have success and this process can often be a fun family activity if you have intrigued little ones running around. Like anything, the more effort you put into something, the greater the reward will be.

As you grow throughout this year, I hope you can look at your plants as a mirror of strength, beauty, and joy!

Sarah Catron is a long-time gardener and also serves at Clancy’s Irish Pub here in Wheat Ridge.

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