New History Book Delves Into Edgewater’s 120 Years Of Spirited Growth!

Edgewater has grown over the last 120+ years from unincorporated land where Denver residents would escape to enjoy looser laws around drinking and gambling to a thriving community in the heart of a large metro area. Nestled between Denver, Lakewood and Wheat Ridge, Edgewater boasts a heart and spirit much larger than its 0.7-square-mile area. 

Building off past historical accounts of Edgewater, “Edgewater, Colorado: 120 Years of Growth, Resilience, and Community Spirit” tells the story of Edgewater’s founding on the shores of Sloan’s Lake, up to modern times in the 21st century. Growth and change in the area have challenged Edgewater to find its way as a small city in a large metro area during an age of climate change, population growth, pandemics and more! Through it all stands a resilient community that flourishes today.

Thank you to the following community members for their hard work in making this book a reality: authors Hannah Beltrone, Kali Janda, Laura Keegan, Joel Newton, Laney Ruddell, Bobbie Schuppert and Dominique Skeehan.

“Edgewater, Colorado: 120 Years of Growth, Resilience, and Community Spirit” is now available to purchase on Amazon:

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