New Adult Social Club Launches in Edgewater


Edgewater’s 55 and older crowd took over Edgewater Beer Garden on a sunny afternoon on April 11th, filling the restaurant with laughter, lively conversation and hearty welcomes to each newcomer. 

Nearly 15 attendees showed up for the very first 55+ Social Club, proving it to be a popular idea. The club is a casual gathering for older residents to spend time with their peers on the second Thursday of each month, though locations may vary for future events. 

The appeal of the Edgewater neighborhood was why Janelle Knutson moved to the area back in 2001. She is glad to have fun events like the social club so close to home, rather than having to travel to another area of Denver where the atmosphere might be less comfortable.  

It is another activity that Edgewater has added to its offerings of fitness classes, coffee hours and trips to nearby sites like Pikes Peak.

“I like it and that it’s at a local place,” Knutson said. “I want to try more cool things like this.” 

The social club started as a way to let people mingle and connect with others in the community, especially for an age group that tends to socialize less frequently, said Kiki Carpenter, events and senior activities assistant. 

Many people enjoy the mixer aspect of the Coffee and Conversation event, but Edgewater staff have gotten feedback that some people can’t make it to an event Friday mornings, so this new social club will aim to be during a day and time that works for more people, Carpenter added. 

“There are a lot of varied needs and feedback in the community,” Carpenter said. “We are trying to incorporate as much of that as possible. 

Edgewater at one point had a thriving adult program, but it lost momentum because of the COVID-19 pandemic., said Communications and Events Coordinator Monique Bechard. In renewing those programs, they want it to feel accessible and relaxed, offering people a chance to meet new people, catch up with long-time friends and feel a sense of belonging in their community, she said. 

“We want people to feel pride in their community, to feel included, respected and valued, “ Bechard added. 

Socialization is important at all ages, but provides unique benefits for older adults. Participating in group activities improves quality of life, protects against cognitive impairment, increases self-esteem and can even reduce mortality rates, according to the National Institutes of Health

Lynn Robben enjoyed seeing some familiar faces at the social club and making some new connections. She also appreciated that it was in a local location walking-distance from her house. 

“Edgewater has a small footprint, but it’s very population dense,” Robben said. “This brings people together.” 
The next social club will be on May 9 from 2 to 4 p.m., location to be determined. Attendance is free but participants are encouraged to register on the City of Edgewater Parks and Recreation website. 

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