Neighbors Confused, Frustrated Over Unrepaired Sinkhole

A SINKHOLE AT 37TH AND INDEPENDENCE has plagued Wheat Ridge for more than 11 weeks, and is expanding in light of slow repairs. PHOTO: NATALIE KERR

A sinkhole at 37th and Independence streets that formed on April 28 is likely caused by the storm system beneath the street and the higher-than-average rainfall in Denver this spring, said Maria D’Andrea, Director of Public Works for The City of Wheat Ridge.

The city assessed the sinkhole with an underground camera and found debris built up in the storm drainage pipes, and is working with a contractor to clear it and repair the street. The city intends to find a permanent solution soon, once they officially identify the cause of the damage and the cost of repairs, D’Andrea said. 

The city will send notices, likely in the mail, to residents once repairs are set to begin. 

Currently, the sinkhole is surrounded by cones and covered by steel plates to prevent cars or pedestrians from approaching the site. The city is monitoring the site from the street level, and does not currently have concerns about the sinkhole growing or being dangerous to nearby residents. 

Anne and Ronn Thomas, who live on the affected block, are frustrated by the lack of progress on repairs and information from the city. They don’t feel unsafe driving or walking on the road, but do not see the steel and cones as a permanent solution. 

“It’s been there way too long,” Thomas said. 

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