Navigating Building Permits in Edgewater: A Must-Read for Residents

Before you embark on that exciting home improvement project or decide to add a new feature to your property, there’s a crucial step you shouldn’t overlook — pulling the right permits. The City of Edgewater wants to ensure that your projects comply with safety codes and zoning regulations, so here’s your go-to guide for navigating the permitting process.

All the information you need regarding permits and building regulations in Edgewater is conveniently available on the official city website: This comprehensive resource is your one-stop-shop to understanding the ins and outs of various projects and making sure you’re on the right side of local regulations.

Let’s break down the projects that typically demand a permit:

Electrical Work: Whether it’s a complete rewiring job or just adding some outlets, securing a permit is essential to guarantee your electrical work meets safety standards. Electric to gas conversions and furnace, water heater and boiler installations and replacements will need a permit as well. Electrical work varies greatly in terms of complexity, so be sure you are doing it right the first time around. You do not need a permit for changing light fixtures.

Plumbing Projects: Planning some significant plumbing changes? Don’t forget to obtain the necessary permits to ensure everything aligns with local codes – this includes sump pumps and plumbing modifications. You do not need a permit to replace existing plumbing fixtures.

Solar Panels: Permits are needed to ensure the safe and secure installation of solar panels on your property. The City of Edgewater has partnered with Solar Switch to make solar panels more accessible and affordable to our residents – and makes permitting a breeze! 

EV Charging Stations: Joining the electric vehicle movement? Installing a charging station at your home will need to meet safety standards. Xcel Energy also has resources to reduce the cost of home charging: 

Chicken Coops: Considering some backyard chickens? Don’t forget to grab a Backyard Livestock license which includes a permit for your chicken coop to ensure the well-being of both your feathery friends and the community.

Other home improvement projects that need a permit: Decks, fences, roll-offs, storage pods, remodels and demolitions.

Permits are NOT required for: Kitchen cabinets or countertops, flooring, painting, replacing plumbing fixtures or changing light fixtures. 

For some permits, verifying your zoning is a must. The city website provides guides to help you determine if your project aligns with local zoning regulations. Once you’ve got that sorted, submit your permit request online through Community Core. And don’t forget to have your submittal plans in PDF format for a hassle-free process.

A homeowner getting a permit for their dwelling does not require a contractor’s license. If a homeowner hires a contractor for any type of construction on a home, the contractor is required to be licensed with the city. The contractor is responsible for obtaining all required permits and inspections. Homeowners should verify that the necessary permits have been issued and inspections completed by contacting the Community Development team at 720-763-3001. 

Inspections can be requested through the online CommunityCore portal or by calling 303-450-8748. Inspections must be called in or requested by 4 pm the business day before you want the inspection. We do not call with inspection times. You can call 303-450-8745 the morning of your inspection after 8:30 AM and we will provide you with a two-hour window of estimated arrival.

Remember, pulling the right permits isn’t just about following the rules; it’s about ensuring your projects are completed safely and in line with local regulations. So, check out the guidelines on and get ready to tackle your home improvement endeavors with confidence.

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