Mountain View’s Public Works Employees: The Town’s Dynamic Duo

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On a recent morning in Mountain View, residents could not help but notice that things were abuzz. Truck doors opened and men in work gloves jumped out to begin fixing potholes.

Further down the block, No Parking signs indicated an imminent street sweeping. Bright green dumpsters sat beside Town Hall for the annual spring clean-up. Fresh paint graced the north side of Town Hall and the benches of the gazebo in the park nearby. Two large baskets of red, white and blue flowers sat in front of Town Hall, and three larger baskets of bright petunias hung in the gazebo.

Throughout town, aging and faded signs have been getting replaced and straightened. And trees in the right-of-way areas (the town-owned strip of land between the sidewalk and the street) have also been getting what Mountain View Director of Public Works Gene Bird called, “safety trimmed.”

Together, Director Bird and his recently hired accomplice, Supervisor David Nugent, make something of a Dynamic Duo and many residents are noticing their efforts. They have been working their way through a list of town projects that both Public Works employees feel good about.

“It’s very satisfying to me to see town projects come to fruition,” said Director Bird, a Colorado native and a resident of the town for the last 25 years. “I love being able to participate both in planning and the projects themselves.” He has played a key role in the town for the last five years, and is married to the colorful and vibrant Council Member Mladenka “Mia” Boerher. 

Supervisor David Nugent tends to smile easily as he discusses his new position.

“I’m still learning the various facets of my job, but that’s what I enjoy! With so many different projects going on at the same time it is a constant challenge to learn and or do new things. Each day is different.”

Asked to think about what he might find most satisfying, Supervisor Nugent replies, “One thing I am looking forward to is producing funding for projects to beautify and enhance the livability of the Town. We sat in on a webinar the other day that was talking about funding for Main Street renovation, and for projects to promote exercise and health. Projects like that will definitely be fun and interesting in the future.”

Both Public Works employees agree that there is something particularly special about the town. Director Bird put it bluntly, “I love the small town feel of Mountain View. It’s always delightful to ‘come home’ from anywhere else in Denver metro or anywhere else in the country. The friendly, laid-back attitude of town is worth a million bucks in my mind. Thoughtful, helpful neighbors really make it stand out in a world where there is so much chaos.”

Supervisor Nugent echoed these thoughts.

“Having grown up primarily in small towns in the Midwest, I really enjoy the small-town feeling. There is a friendliness that you don’t find in many other suburbs of Denver.”

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