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Good Neighbors

Congratulations to Dale Martinez, the owner of 24/7 Towing who lives on Benton Street, for his recent “Good Neighbor Award” from the Mountain View Police Department. Dale saw the Police working to help the driver of an RV who got stuck at the very busy intersection of W44th Avenue and Sheridan, and was blocking traffic in both directions. Dale stepped up, volunteered his time, expertise, and patience to the cause, and earned the respect of Cpl. Ranck and the rest of the MVPD, as well as the thanks from the RV owner. We appreciate you, Dale!

Code Enforcement 101: New “No Soliciting” Town Code Adopted by Council

Mountain View Council recently added a new section to the Town Code designed to address concerns from residents about salespeople knocking on doors when the homeowner has a “no soliciting” sign on their door.

Previously, the sign was essentially a plea for respect but without a corresponding law on the books, it could not be enforced. Now, however, thanks to Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Bailey’s persistent requests to address the issue, and her fellow Council Member’s agreement at the reasonableness of the proposed solutions, residents can request assistance and enforcement.

All people who are in town door knocking or putting flyers on cars or doors (exempting political announcements and other such First Amendment protected speech, of course) must have obtained a permit from Town Hall. Furthermore, they are only allowed to knock on doors that do not display a “no soliciting” sign. 

The town has printed up town-branded stickers for residents who would like one for their door, if they so choose. Residents may pick up a sticker at Town Hall or call to request one.

Congratulations To Newly Elected Council Members

Congratulations to newly elected Council Members Leal Algiene, Brittany Loecher and Brent Metz. Here are some photos of the swearing in that happened outside Town Hall on a windy Dec. 4, 2023. The brief ceremony was attended by about 20 community members. Cake and coffee were served afterward.

“I love being the Event Committee Chair and helping to bring our residents together. I cannot wait to have a gathering place for our community, and am very eager to work on our new or remodeled Town Hall.” – Brittany Leocher

“I aim to meet all residents, listen to concerns and answer questions, develop respectful dialogue, and encourage resident input in town decisions, and collaborate on affordable workforce housing.” – Leal Algiene

“Developing and implementing a multi-phase program to continue to update our infrastructure, town administration, and land use through comprehensive planning is front and center on my radar.” – Brent Metz

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