Mountain View Milestones and Announcements

Calling all Community Milestones!

Did you celebrate a particularly big anniversary or birthday? Was there a promotion in your household? Are you planning a vacation somewhere exciting? Is your family mourning the death of a loved one? Do you have something else to share? A request for assistance, or a charity or cultural event you’d like to bring attention to? Mountain View Milestones can share all of these things and more together.

Please send any milestones to Mayor Mitcham via email at and simply include the word “milestone” in the subject line of the email, and we will share it in this paper with your community! Let’s stay connected!] 

Congratulations to Benton Street residents, Sabina and Bailey Wilson on their recent October wedding in beautiful Deer Creek Valley Ranch. May your life together be as beautiful and radiant as the sunny day you made your promises to each other in front of friends and family.

Also, congrats to all four Council candidates (in alphabetical order): Leal Algiene, Catherine Colwell, Brittany Loecher and Brent Metz. Commendations are due to all four of you for stepping up to help your community. Running for Council takes courage, and we deeply appreciate everyone who steps up. Thank you! (We don’t know who won at the time of writing this month’s column, so will have to share more about the Council election next month.)

Speaking of Council Members, another milestone to celebrate: Council Member Laura Dennis’ husband, Orlando Cardenas, took FIRST PLACE in San Telmo’s empanada competition recently! Now, we know this family prefers to celebrate quietly but we wanted to shout that news to the moon. The Neighborhood Gazette will have to do. First place in an empanada competition is no small thing!

Longtime residents John and Carol Hazekamp have put their Depew Street house on the market and moved to Broomfield. We will miss you John and Carol! 

Fenton Street residents on the Wheat Ridge side recently met with Mayor Mitcham and Wheat Ridge Mayor Bud Starker to share their concerns about the safety in Randall Park. Wheat Ridge and Mountain View will be looking for ways to join forces to help keep everyone on both sides of Fenton as safe as possible. Look for news and announcements about steps both municipalities can be involved in, after the Wheat Ridge Community Resources team gets the ball rolling. A new Community Garden in the Southwest corner of the park will also likely include both municipalities. The details are still being worked out, so just consider this a little daydreaming about beautiful future ventures rather than anything written in stone.

And that’s a wrap for this month! Share your stories with Mayor Mitcham and come back next month for more celebrations and newsworthy updates. Here’s to good neighbors!

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