Mountain View Code Review 101

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Mountain View Code Enforcement is in full swing with Jake Cooke from Safebuilt appointed as Code Enforcement Officer. Mayor Emilie Mitcham states that residents and business owners are welcome to contact Jake to ask questions if they receive a citation. His contact information is provided on the citations.

Although the Town Code is published on the website ( it can be dense to read and understand. Therefore, some regular education about expectations will be shared with residents in various ways, according to Mayor Mitcham.

“We will be posting some educational materials to the bulletin boards, using door-to-door flyers, events, and other things, so that residents can become more familiar with the code. There’s a learning curve for all of us now that we have the resources to handle more code enforcement in the town.”

The Mountain View Code lists some trees as a “nuisance” and “unlawful” in town.

These trees can be especially invasive, quickly spread to neighbors’ yards, or create root systems that are difficult to remove and can damage building foundations.

For example, the Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima) is an aggressive weed that has been listed in the code for years as not allowed in Mountain View. Therefore, any new sprouts of this tree should be pulled as soon as they are noticed. Residents can expect to receive a citation with a photograph of the offending tree for easy identification if they accidentally have some of these trees beginning to find a home on their property. Older, established trees may be exempt from the requirements to remove them.

With the dry Colorado weather, fire is a serious hazard and tall, overgrown weeds contribute to the danger. Therefore, trimming back overgrowth is one of the biggest priorities for enforcement.

Lastly, Mountain View Council would like to see pedestrian-friendly sidewalks which have less raised cracks and problem areas where people can trip and fall, and where wheelchairs and strollers are more easily navigated.

Sidewalk repairs can be costly so Mayor Mitcham has proposed a need-based grant program administered by the Town Clerk so that owner-occupied homes in town, with a demonstrated financial hardship and a pending citation, can be assisted with tax dollars. Details are still being discussed and will be forthcoming in the future as the council works to find the best solutions for as many people as possible.

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