Mike Paquette, Chiropractor And Neighbor

Mike Paquette, DC, moved to Wheat Ridge and opened Aim High Chiropractic Wheat Ridge, 7200 W. 44th Ave. We asked him about his journey to our city.

Why did you choose to open your practice in Wheat Ridge?

Growing up in a small town has a charm of its own. For one, the sense of community is strong and lasting, while the sites and scenes are preserved. This is the dream for any family doctor looking to start a practice.

What is your background?

I grew up 45 minutes north of Boston in a small, southern New Hampshire town. The city was always a point of interest for me, and I took every chance to immerse myself there. Working as a Summer Instructor for M.I.T. and Chiropractor in Harvard Square built a foundation of curiosity, creativity and academia.

Being from the northeast, I’m also no stranger to cold weather. My family and I would spend nearly half the year layered in sweatshirts and blankets. It made those summer days all the more worthwhile, especially while at the beach or camping along the river.

Attending graduate school in California opened my eyes to the possibilities of the West Coast. It was just like every movie had described: palm trees, convertibles and perfect weather. There was a different tone to the locals, as if there wasn’t a care in the world. The contrast between the two coasts was evident, and I felt a sense of wholeness having experienced them both.

Are you married? Kids? Do they attend a local school?

I am single right now.

Share the importance of your practice.

Chiropractic care is the most popular non-invasive, drug-free therapy in America, and for good reason. Your brain and spinal cord are the central hub of your body and are responsible for sending messages to and from your muscles, nerves, organs and so much more. The spinal column, consisting of 24 vertebrae, is the ultimate protector of this central hub. Any misalignment of these vertebrae puts pressure on the spinal cord which causes muscles, nerves and organs to function improperly. No wonder people describe their first Chiropractic Adjustment as liberating; you are taking pressure off of one of the most integral, intuitive parts of the human body.

At Aim High Chiropractic Wheat Ridge, we specialize in auto injuries as well as everyday aches and pains. Coming to our office is like being greeted by an old friend; we are here for you!

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