Lutheran Medical Center Welcomes New Physician Executive


Intermountain Health has announced that Kathy Crabtree, MD, has been named Assistant Chief Medical Officer at Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge effective Jan. 21. 

In this new role, she will support the medical staff at Lutheran to advance the quality and safety of care at the hospital. She also will support Toni Green-Cheatwood, DO, who serves in a dual role as Lutheran’s Chief Medical Officer and has region-wide responsibilities as Associate Chief Medical Officer for Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico and Kansas. 

“Dr. Crabtree has shown us what an outstanding clinician, leader, and person she is over decades of service, and we are excited to partner with her in this new role. We are grateful for all physicians at Lutheran and their commitment to our community’s highest standards of care,” said Scott Peek, president of Lutheran Medical Center.   

Dr. Crabtree has served Lutheran in many ways for 25 years, most recently as its Chief of Staff since 2021. She also serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Midtown Inpatient Medicine. She is an accomplished hospitalist and internal medicine physician and began her career at Lutheran as a tech in the Emergency Department.   

Peek said Dr. Crabtree has proven her leadership abilities over the years in all areas of patient care and patient safety, including helping to guide the medical staff in supporting each other and the community through the COVID-19 pandemic.   

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